Who’s “anonymous?” On today’s Morning Joe, several members of the panel made the case that “anonymous” is Kellyanne Conway, counselor to President Trump. First up, John Heilemann made the following points in support of The Conway Conjecture:

1. The “perspicacious” wife of Charles Pierce of Esquire detected an “unmistakably feminine” tone to the op-ed.
2. Conway is “very cagey; she’s the kind of person who would find out that Mike Pence used the word ‘lodestar’ a lot, and put ‘lodestar’ in to try to pin it on Mike Pence.”
3. Trying to set herself up to be the Carville & Matalin of the future [Conway’s husband is a big Trump critic], “this is a good hedge against Trump failing,” permitting her to say “I was working on the inside for the Resistance all along.”

Scarborough then weighed in to mention that “at the end of the campaign, [Conway] would, in the green room and around the set, talk about how she couldn’t wait for the campaign to be over.”

Also buying into the Kellyanne hypothesis, Donny Deutsch said that Conway wants in the future “to be on television, in the communications world,” and that the op-ed is the way to “re-invent” herself.

Heilemann then added, “one of the reasons that the junior staffer doesn’t make that much sense [as anonymous] is that:

“It takes a lot of sophistication to be able to go to the New York Times, negotiate this kind of a thing, execute a really well-written op-ed. Someone with communications skills. Someone who can write. Someone who knows their way around the communications field.”

Heilemann also pointed to what he described as Conway’s “pretty soft denial” of being anonymous. Asked by NBC News if she wrote the op-ed, Conway simply replied, “of course not.”

So, whaddaya think? Do you buy into the Conway Conjecture? If not, who do you think wrote it? Unless you believe it was an utter fabrication by the NYT–which I do not.

Note: Willie Geist was the lone dissenter, saying that based on conversations he’s had with some undisclosed people, he believes the author is someone in an important position but not a household name.

The Conway Conjecture: Morning Joe Makes Case Kellyanne is “Anonymous”
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