When it comes to condemning all things Trump-related, there’s rarely any daylight between Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski. They are monolithically, some might say maniacally, united in their condemnation of The Donald.

And so it was notable that on today’s Morning Joe, there was a real rift between Joe and Mika when it came to the handshake that wasn’t between President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, and the father of one of the Parkland shooting victims.

Scarborough accused Kavanaugh of having a “cold, callous heart” for failing to shake Fred Guttenberg’s hand, dismissing any innocent explanations of the moment. But Brzezinski gave Kavanaugh the benefit of the doubt, saying “no, I think his security people [intervened],” and “I just don’t” think his heart is that cold.

Along similar lines, Willie Geist said:

“Whatever your political difference or ideological differences with Brett Kavanaugh, it’s hard for me to believe that he would turn his back on someone if he knew exactly [who he was.]”

Scarborough’s adamant attack on Kavanaugh suggests someone whose capacity for discernment has been blunted by a blinding hatred of President Trump and those in his realm. Sad!

“Cold, Callous Heart”: Scarborough Attacks Kavanaugh for Non-handshake, Mika/Geist Defend

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