Richard Painter has got to be the strangest dude in political TV. Just listen to the guy. Born in Philadelphia, went to a fancy prep school, degrees from Harvard and Yale, speaks with some kind of strange lockjaw. Anyhow, on MSNBC tonight, he did his best to discourage top lawyers from assisting President Trump. Painter threatened that any lawyer who helped Trump fire Robert Mueller would “end up making license plates in jail.”

Specifically, Painter tried to dissuade Emmet Flood, who currently serves as outside counsel to Trump, from replacing Don McGahn as White House counsel. Warned Painter:

“Any lawyer that gets wrapped up in helping Donald Trump fire Robert Mueller and obstruct justice is asking to themselves get hit with an obstruction of justice charge, lose their law license, end up making license plates. I don’t think a good lawyer like Emmet Flood is going to want to end up in jail.”

Note: the MSM likes to try to paint Painter as some sort of Republican. Fake news! Yes, for some strange reason he served as White House ethics lawyer in W’s administration. But the guy has a liberal history, being a critic of President Reagan, founder of a Dem newspaper at Harvard, serving as chair of Harvard Students for Mondale, and most recently running a disastrous primary campaign for the Dem nomination for senator from Minnesota, racking up a whopping 13% of the vote.

Richard Painter: Any Lawyer Helping Trump Fire Mueller Will “End Up Making License Plates . . . In Jail”
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