Today brings a rare but welcome recognition of reality from Joe Scarborough. On Morning Joe, Scarborough said:

“The Democratic party’s darting left . . . And I think you’re going to see the press embracing a lot of these candidates on the far left.”

Joe being Joe, he had to balance that with a shot at the president, saying, “you’re going to have Donald Trump race-baiting all the way to the fall.”

Ground zero for the kind of press love for lefty candidates Scarborough predicted will be the governor’s race in Florida. There, you have Trump supporter Ron DeSantis going up against shock Dem primary winner Andrew Gillum. Expect to hear the press play up Gillum’s sympathetic life story, and lay off the facts that he supports radical policies like the abolition of ICE, and is funded by George Soros.

Scarborough: the Press Will Embrace “a Lot of these Candidates on the Far Left”
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