Warning: when you invite a flamboyant, retired lawyer in his 80s onto your show, you might wind up getting foul language on the air, along with wild conspiracy theories.

Joe Scarborough learned that lesson the hard way today when he invited Martin London onto Morning Joe. London served as a lawyer to Spiro Agnew, and recently wrote a column suggesting that President Trump should consider resigning. At one point, London’s audio cut out, and when it came back, Scarborough said that he hoped his executive producer Alex Korson had hit the seven-second delay. We don’t know what London said — maybe there’s a good lip reader out there — but he apologized: “sorry about that.”

Later, Scarborough asked John Heilemann who was paying Paul Manafort’s legal bills, given that Manafort is “broke.” Heilemann said:

“I do not know the answer to that, but apparently Martin does. He suggested to me, passing me a note right here, that says that he thinks Donald Trump is paying his legal bills.”

When Heilemann asked London what he knows about that, London admitted: “I don’t know anything. I don’t have any facts.”

Note: people should also be careful in sharing confidences with John Heilemann, who blurted out what London had written to him in a note.

Note segundo: As Scarborough mentioned to London, the seven-second delay has been instituted on Morning Joe ten years ago after Scarborough himself dropped an f-bomb on the air.

Note tercero: I don’t know London’s exact age, but his bio states that he graduated from my alma mater, Cornell, in 1955. You do the math.

Note cuarto:  The screencap shows Scarborough and London sharing a laugh over London’s language gaffe.

Bleeped Agnew Lawyer Believes Trump Paying Manafort Legal Bills
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