Give the woman credit for candor. She made clear what Dems are banking on: that the Mueller report will bring down President Trump.

On today’s Morning Joe, Joyce White Vance, whom Pres. Obama appointed as US Attorney for the Northern District of Alabama, gave away the game plan. Responding to Joe Scarborough’s question as to why Rudy Giuliani is “lying,” Vance said:

“Giuliani and the President are playing to the court of public opinion, because they know that they’ll lose in a court of law . . . They know bad news will come in the form of a report from Mueller, sooner or later, whether it’s before or after the election. They won’t be able to survive the contents of the report if it’s anything like what we’re hearing publicly.”

Vance went on to “hope that the American people will demonstrate the backbone . . . and find the courage to go with the truth and not with the cult of personality.”

Translation: Vance and Dems at large hope that the Mueller report will cause the American people to turn against Trump and drive him from office.

Question: what does Vance mean when she speaks of what she’s heard “publicly” about the Mueller report?  We thought the lips of the Mueller team are tighter than Dan Rather’s proverbial tick.  Did she mean to speak of things she’s heard “privately?” That would raise even more serious questions.

Obama-appointed US Attorney: Trump “Won’t be Able to Survive” Mueller Report

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