Blue wave? What blue wave? Even Al Sharpton’s not seeing it.

On his MSNBC show this morning, Hugh Hewitt, saying there was no blue wave, predicted that Republicans would pick up four to five Senate seats and hold the House.

You might have expected Sharpton to sharply disagree. But to the contrary, he said:

“We are hearing in the media ‘blue wave.’ But we really don’t know. I travel a lot; I’m on the ground a lot. I don’t feel a lot of energy; [though] more than Hugh gave us. I don’t think we’re at the cemetery, but I do think we’re in the hospital on the left.”

Hewitt had said that there isn’t much energy on the left “outside of the core MSNBC audience” and Sharpton’s base, and that the Cohen tapes weren’t going to spark it.

Another way to put it: what’s more important to the mass of voters, including Dems: Cohen tapes and porn stars, or more jobs, and more money in their pockets thanks to tax cuts?

Sharpton’s pessimism on the state of the left was surprising. You might have thought that he would, at the least, have put on a brave face and predicted a coming Dem triumph. But perhaps Al prefers to be on the right side of the arc of the universe, which, as we know, bends toward justice.


Sharpton not Seeing Blue Wave: We’re “in the Hospital” on the Left, if not the “Cemetery”
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