Remember how the liberal media mercilessly mocked President Obama for his numerous gaffes? From 57 states, to the “Austrian” language, to corpse-man and many others, the MSM was relentless in pointing out Obama’s mistakes.

Oh, wait: no. The MSM buried those Obama bloopers.

But let President Trump misspell a couple of words, and watch out! The liberal media is all over it. Thus CNN this morning repeatedly raised the fact that in a recent tweet, Trump misspelled “counsel” as “council” and “whether” as “wether.”

The ultimate hypocrisy came at the end of the segment. Chris Cuomo noted that in a subsequent tweet, Trump corrected the spelling of “whether” but not “counsel.” To underline Trump’s error, Cuomo went so far as to spell out the word as spelled by Trump and spelled correctly. But Cuomo then said:

“But that doesn’t matter.”

If it doesn’t matter, Chris, why did you and your colleague Abby Phillip repeatedly raise it?

CNN Repeatedly Raises Trump Tweet Misspellings
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