Avenatti: I’d Consider Representing Cohen If He’ll Turn on Trump


My advice to Michael Cohen: don’t hire Michael Avenatti as your lawyer. He doesn’t have your best interests at heart. To the contrary, he would use you to advance his own ambitions.

That became obvious by Avenatti’s own statement on Joy Reid’s MSNBC today. Asked by Reid whether he’d represent Cohen, Avenatti said:

“The only way that I would agree to do that is if I had 100% confidence that Michael Cohen was ready to do the right thing: fully disclose what he knew about the President, and if he sought my assistance in bringing that information to the American people and divulging it all: putting it all on the table.”


Donny Deutsch: Republicans “Pathetic, Whimpering Little Cowards” for Supporting “Treasonous” Trump


On today’s Morning Joe, ad man Donny Deutsch attacked rank-and-file Republicans as “pathetic, whimpering little cowards” for their support of a President Trump. whom Deutsch repeatedly accused of “treason.”


“I don’t think it’s extreme to use that ‘treason‘ word . . . As a branding guy, I have no trepidation about assigning that ‘treason‘ word . . . We have a treasonous President . . . The fact that 80% of Republicans think that he behaved okay–gave him a stamp of approval–your ex-party, Joe, you wrote about it yesterday in the Washington Post, shame on these pathetic, whimpering little cowards.”


Fmr. Obama Official: Trump May Have Leaked Intel “Crown Jewels” to Putin


On today’s Morning Joe, Matthew Miller, former Obama official turned MSNBC analyst, suggested that during their Helsinki meeting, President Trump might have leaked to Putin the existence of a “human source close to Vladimir Putin who was cooperating with the US intelligence community.”

Miller described such information as the “crown jewels” of US intelligence, and continued:

“I can’t believe this is something I’m saying about the President of the United States, but it made me wonder if people are suspicious that [Trump] revealed sensitive classified intelligence, including human source information, to the President of the Russian Federation.”


Scarborough: “We all Know” Trump Being “Blackmailed” by Putin


Speak for yourself, Joe . . .

On today’s Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough claimed “we all know” that President Trump is being “blackmailed” by Vladimir Putin. Here’s Scarborough:

“Donald Trump sat there, and was obsequious to Vladimir Putin . . . We all know that Vladimir Putin is holding something over Donald Trump. We do not know what it is. But we know it must be something extraordinary, because no rational politician, no rational president would act this way if he weren’t being blackmailed on some level . . . I know that even Donald Trump supporters know by this point that Vladimir Putin has something over Trump. I know they know that. Some of them may try to deny it. Not many.”


Dem Sen. Blumenthal Accuses Putin of “Act of War”


For a guy who lied about his military service, Richard Blumenthal is sounding mighty bellicose this morning.

Appearing on Morning Joe today, the Dem senator from Connecticut said:

We are facing a continuing act of war by Vladimir Putin. He has tried to divide us, cause disarray, and he will stop at nothing to destroy these Western democracies.”


Joy Reid Guest: Trump a “Stone, Flat-out Racist” for Opposing Open Borders


Does a nation have a right to defend its culture? Or does opposition to massive immigration of people from different cultures with a history of non-assimilation amount to racism?

The latter was clearly the view of two of Joy Reid’s guests on her MSNBC show this morning. Reacting to President Trump’s criticism of massive European immigration, expressed during an interview with the UK’s The Sun newspaper, guest Bobby Ghosh said:

“[Trump] is saying Europe has allowed too many immigrants; it’s spoiling European culture. That is classic racist speak. “

A bit later, David Cay Johnston said: (more…)

Mika: Strzok the “Victim”— A “Patriot . . . Who Loves America”


The liberal media doesn’t just reside on a different planet from the rest of us. They’re out in a separate solar system. Nay, a foreign galaxy. If not an altogether alternate universe.

On today’s Morning Joe, Mika Brzezinski described Peter Strzok as a “patriot . . . who loves America” and a “victim” of Republicans. Mika:

“So we had this patriot, articulating beautifully what was driving him throughout this process . . . Anybody who watched that . . . and all you could really hear was a man who loves America, who made mistakes, who is now being abused by a bunch of stuttering, bumbling Republicans on Capitol Hill, because they have their base watching, and they know they need to throw red meat out to their base, using this guy as their victim.”


Trump: Obama Allowed Russian Encroachment on Crimea–“I Would Not Have Allowed It”


In his NATO news conference today, President Trump held President Obama responsible for permitting Russia to encroach on Crimea, and said:

“Long before I got here, President Obama allowed that to happen. That was on his watch, not on my watch. People like to say, oh, Crimea but the fact is they built bridges to Crimea; they just opened a big bridge that was started years ago, they built I think a submarine port, substantially added billions of dollars.

“So, that was on Barack Obama’s watch. That was not on Trump’s watch. Would I have allowed it to happen? No, I would not have allowed it to happen.”


Ego-Tripping Avenatti on 2020: I’m the “Guide” Who Can Climb Trump Mountain


This is getting creepy. Michael Avenatti isn’t just your garden-variety guy on an ego trip. He’s starting to sound like some sort of cult leader with delusions of grandeur.

Asked by Ari Melber on MSNBC this evening about his possible presidential ambitions, Avenatti answered:

“If you’re going to go climb a mountain that you’ve never climbed before, or a mountain that’s really important for you to summit, do you want a guy, a guide, who says to you, you know, I don’t know if we’re going to be able to get up the face of that mountain?

“Or do you want a guy who looks you in the eye and says, let’s go, we’re going to climb this mountain? If I was going to take somebody up the side of a mountain, I’d make sure we summited.”