Morning Joe’s Revenge: Still Smarting from Trump Insults, Joe and Mika Hit Back

Why has Morning Joe become such a marathon, anti-Trump mess? A strong hint emerged on today’s show. It seems clear that Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski are still smarting from insults that Trump aimed at each of them.

Mika mentioned that Trump “tweets about me bleeding badly from a facelift, makes a lie that I showed up at Mar-a-Lago bleeding all over the place.” And a bit later, Scarborough mentioned that Trump “suggested that I was a murderer.” (more…)

Tucker Guest: Illegals Should be Allowed to Vote

This was one of those great, clarifying moments. The agenda of the left has been laid bare. Forget about “Dreamers,” about “pathways to citizenship,” blah, blah, blah.

It’s much — much — more extreme than that. The end game is this: the left wants illegals to be allowed to vote. Period. End of sentence.

For proof, look no further than the statements on Tucker Carlson’s show this evening by Cesar Vargas, an illegal immigrant from Mexico who somehow has been allowed to become a member of the New York State bar.

Asked by Carlson whether illegal immigrants should be allowed to vote, Vargas replied:

“I do believe that we should have universal voting for everyone.” (more…)

CNN’s Toobin Calls Chris Cuomo “Christ”

Slip of the tongue — or worshipful attitude toward an influential in-house player?

We’re going with “b,” and in all seriousness, it clearly was just a stumble of speech. But on CNN this morning, Jeffrey Toobin did call Chris Cuomo “Christ.” Toobin explained that he had somehow combined “Chris” with “correct” in response to a statement Cuomo had made.

The panel had a good chuckle at Toobin’s expense. Alisyn Camerota said, “your logic was that good.” Added John Avlon, “it is the season.” Cuomo also made a couple comments, but I couldn’t decipher them. Perhaps a reader with acute hearing can help! (more…)

Scarborough Surprisingly Skeptical about Stormy: Looking for “Big, Fat Paycheck”

Given the anti-Trump rampage that Joe Scarborough has been on for months, you might have expected him to feast on Stormy Daniels’ 60 Minutes interview to vilify the president.

Instead, on today’s Morning Joe, Scarborough expressed surprising skepticism. Scarborough said that instead of being interested in “truth, justice, and the American Way,” it looked like Daniels is simply out for:

“a really big, fat paycheck for her from some publication.”


NYT’s Haberman: Stormy, McDougal Stories Don’t Bother Trump on “Moral, Spousal” Level

Maggie Haberman isn’t just a NYT correspondent and a CNN analyst. She’s also a psychoanalyst.

Or so it would seem. Appearing on CNN this morning, Haberman declared that while the stories regarding Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal might be uncomfortable for President Trump from a legal perspective:

“I do not think that it is from the moral, spousal parameter that it is bothering him.”


CNN Repeatedly Raises Trump Tweet Misspellings

Remember how the liberal media mercilessly mocked President Obama for his numerous gaffes? From 57 states, to the “Austrian” language, to corpse-man and many others, the MSM was relentless in pointing out Obama’s mistakes.

Oh, wait: no. The MSM buried those Obama bloopers.

But let President Trump misspell a couple of words, and watch out! The liberal media is all over it. Thus CNN this morning repeatedly raised the fact that in a recent tweet, Trump misspelled “counsel” as “council” and “whether” as “wether.” (more…)

Morning Joe Anti-Trump Meltdown Mashup

Hide the sharp objects! Head to the shelters! Apocalypse now! The end is nigh!

Every day, Morning Joe‘s apparent goal is to outdo itself with predictions of impending doom, all due, of course, to Donald Trump. Today’s opening segment was a classic example of the genre.

Have a look at the mashup video I’ve assembled. You can fill in the blanks, but the general theme is that the country is in “dangerous” times, in “chaos,” and headed to “breakdown,” thanks to a “demagogic leader: and think of who that might be.”  (more…)

Cuomo Lets Slip on McCabe Firing: FBI IG an Obama Appointee

It came at the very end of a long segment on the firing of Andrew McCabe. Maybe it should have come at the beginning . . .

On CNN this morning, after a protracted discussion of the firing of Andrew McCabe, and just before going to break, Chris Cuomo let slip what might be the seminal fact in this matter. As Cuomo put it:

“The best thing going for the President on this one is that the IG was an Obama appointee, and this was his report.”


“Watch it, Howard”: Dean Takes Shot at Hillary, and Sharpton Doesn’t Like It

Who’s at the top of the list of people “relitigating 2016?” Hillary Clinton, of course, who has blamed her loss on everything from James Comey to the Curse of the Bambino.

So on Al Sharpton’s MSNBC show this morning, when Howard Dean emphatically instructed people relitigating 2016 to “leave us alone,” who do you think he had most in mind? Right.

Sharpton apparently didn’t want his show to become a platform for criticizing Clinton:

“Uh, uh, uh: watch it, Howard. You’re getting a little snippy.” (more…)

Joy Reid Guest on FBI’s McCabe Firing: Trump Using “KGB” Playbook

Trump=Stalin. Well, it does make for a nice change of pace from Trump=Hitler . . .

On Joy Reid’s show today, MSNBC analyst Malcolm Nance accused President Trump of using KGB tactics in the firing of Andrew McCabe and related moves. Said Nance:

“[Trump’s move] comes out of an older playbook, the KGB’s playbook . . . Donald Trump is literally playing by the Russian playbook on this.” (more…)