Angry Scarborough: “Change the Channel” if You Don’t Like our One-Note Trump Hatred

Martin Luther King, Jr. once said: “Jesus says love, because hate destroys the hater as well as the hated.”

On today’s Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough gave us a glimpse of just how corrosive hate can be. As the show was going to a break, a visibly angry Scarborough, reacting to recent criticism of how the show has morphed into a boring, anti-Trump hate fest, railed at his own audience:

“If you’re thinking: it’s just one note. Morning Joe is just one note. Yeah! Yeah, guess what? A fire department has one focus when there’s a four-alarm fire. All right? So if you don’t want to hear the truth, you can change the channel!”


Chris Cuomo Confounded by TX School Shooter’s Use of Low-Tech Weapons

Why couldn’t the Santa Fe, TX school shooter have used an AR-15? A large magazine? Or at least a bump stock? That would have made it easier to call for more gun control.

That was the subtext of Chris Cuomo’s lament on CNN this morning. Cuomo said that the shooting,

“doesn’t set up great for the gun debate.”

Cuomo was presumably referring to the fact that the two weapons used by the shooter were a .38 revolver and a shotgun. Instead of being high-tech “assault weapons,” they both employ 19th-century technology, dating back almost 200 years old in the case of the revolver. (more…)

Chris Matthews on School Shooting: South Africans Wonder ‘What’s With America?’

In the wake of today’s Texas school shooting, Chris Matthews, on his MSNBC show this evening, suggested that South Africans look down on the US, wondering “what’s with America?”

Matthews might have wanted to check his stats before Blaming America First. Intentional homicide rate per 100,000 inhabitants: United States: 4.88, South Africa: 34.27. That’s right: the homicide rate in South Africa is more than seven times that in the US. (more…)

Whuh? CNN’s Cuomo Concerned Removed NORK Nukes Might be Sent to Pakistan

This is right up there with the congressman worrying that stationing Marines on Guam could cause the island to tip over and capsize . . .

On CNN this morning, Chris Cuomo expressed the concern that under a denuclearization deal with North Korea, the NORK nukes might be sent to . . . Pakistan. Panelist Gordon Chang talked poor Chris in off the ledge, assuring him that wouldn’t happen.

CHRIS CUOMO: I have a question here that we haven’t discussed yet . . . so, the theory of the case is you [North Korea] have to get rid of your stuff, you have to ship it out. To where? Who takes this type of material? Who do we trust to have it? How are we not moving the problem somewhere else? I have never understood this . . . Something to be worried about: where they send them? What if they send them to Pakistan?

GORDON CHANG: That would not happen, Chris.


Mika: We Don’t Want to Discuss Trump’s “Cheap, Disgusting Affair” But We Must

Poor Mika Brzezinski. She absolutely, definitely, doesn’t want to discuss President Trump’s possible “cheap, disgusting affair” with Stormy Daniels or others. And neither does anyone else on the Morning Joe panel.

Mika made that point twice today. But, sadly, she and her crew are forced—and believe me, they had to be dragged kicking and screaming!—to discuss Trump’s possible peccadilloes because the prez has made himself a potential Russian blackmail target. (more…)

MSNBC’s Melber Wonders Whether Michael Cohen Put Out Mafia Hit on Avenatti

On his MSNBC show this evening, Ari Melber not so subtly suggested to Michael Avenatti that Michael Cohen might have put out a Mafia hit on him.

Said Melber:

“We had the Trump lawyer, a former lawyer, last night. Wasn’t just criticizing you, he was asking the question of whether Michael Cohen’s role was to deal with the Mafia for Donald Trump. I mean, he said that, and he’s a Trump lawyer. When you say “ugly,” do you have concerns about your own role, your own safety, your own precautions?”


CNN’s Cuomo: Kate Steinle’s Killer Falsely Painted as “Monster”

Stormy Daniels has Michael Avenatti. Maybe Kate Steinle’s killer—Jose Garcia Zarate—should hire Chris Cuomo to run PR for him.

On CNN this morning, Cuomo claimed:

“The facts of it. He was not–the idea of what he was painted as: there is a monster in our midst, and there are so many just like him. The facts don’t line up on it. And it’s always been a gross abuse of the situation.”

Poor Jose. Think of him not as a killer, but as a victim. Of “gross abuse.” (more…)

Mika: Trump Family Members “Don’t Care” about Palestinian Deaths

Excuse Hamas. Condemn Trump.

That, in a nutshell, was Morning Joe‘s approach to the deaths of Palestinians who rioted during the opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem yesterday.

First up were Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, painting the Trump family as callously indifferent to the deaths:

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Mika, for the rest of the world you actually saw an administration, a White House, and we’ll say it, since Ivanka Trump was there. A family. Completely out of touch with the realities of the region that they’re dealing with. And you know, you had . . . 58 people killed yesterday, and you had a split screen of what looked like a VIP camp at the Belmont Stakes. And they just —

MIKA BREZINSKI: They don’t care.


Scarborough: Trump Staffers “Know They’re on Wrong Side of History, Know Presidency Going to Fall”

Of all the things Barack Obama said that annoyed me–and the list was long–right up there was his frequent misuse of MLK’s statement that “the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” That statement was deeply religious in its foundation. But Obama used it to somehow suggest that the triumph of left-wing politics is inevitable.

Joe Scarborough has come up with a variation on the theme. On today’s Morning Joe, trying to explain why Trump staffers leak, Scarborough said:

“They want to be on the right side of history . . . They know this presidency is going to fall.”

Scarborough was reacting to an article by Jonathan Swan of Axios. The context was the leak of Trump staffer Kelly Sadler’s statement about John McCain, and the broader issue that leaking in this White House is reportedly more prevalent than in previous administrations.

Scarborough’s statement that White House staffers “know this presidency is going to fall” comes across as wishful thinking. Joe and the rest of the liberal media have been predicting Trump’s imminent demise since the very beginning of his presidential campaign.  Don’t hold your breath, Joe. 

Scarborough Strongly Suggests Cohen Passed “Bribe” Money to Trump

Joe Scarborough has described as a “bribe” the money received by Michael Cohen from AT&T and other companies, and has strongly suggested that Cohen passed some of it to President Trump.

On today’s Morning Joe, Scarborough said:

“That was just a direct payoff. That was just a direct bribe. Did that money really go to Cohen? Did it go to Cohen and straight into the President’s pockets? . . . Where did that money go to? Because I highly doubt Donald Trump would let it sit in Michael Cohen’s account . . . [Trump] is a guy that would shake somebody down for a couple of hundred thousand dollars.”