CNN’s Mudd: “Pisses Me Off” That Trump Failed to Mention McCain at Signing Ceremony

Phil Mudd can go from 0-60 faster than a Ferrari. After a long, measured, discussion on CNN this morning about the firing of Peter Strzok [Mudd thought it was the right decision], co-host John Berman invited Mudd, a former CIA and FBI official, to comment on President Trump’s failure to mention John McCain during a signing ceremony of the defense authorization bill named in his honor.

Mudd became immediately enraged, going off on this epic rant:

“Are you kidding me? Let me get this straight. So the President has insulted everybody from former Presidents Bush and Obama, Rex Tillerson, Jeb Bush, Carly Fiorina. The guy’s got the temperament of a second-grader. My mom would have washed my mouth out with soap, and we sit there and say it’s okay if he does it because he’s been doing it for 72 years. You can’t even spend 10 seconds to thank a guy who’s on his deathbed? Really? That’s what we have to go tell a kid is what is presidential? Unbelievable, John. I mean, it just pisses me off.”


De Blasio: Unlike Fox News and NY Post, CNN Doesn’t Have “Political Agenda”

Hey Bill, the Comedy Shack has open mic night on Tuesdays . . .

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio appeared on Brian Stelter’s CNN show today to discuss his recent interview in which he blamed Fox News and the New York Post, both owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp, for “a lot of the negativity and divisiveness we’re going through right now,” saying that the US would be “a more unified country” without News Corp.

In savaging News Corp, de Blasio got off a couple of rib-ticklers. First, he claimed that in contrast with the hated News Corp:

“CNN and the major networks do not harbor a daily, hourly political agenda.”

He then expressed nostalgia for the good old days, when liberals controlled all the major media outlets. He longed for:

“A world without News Corp. A world with the kind of reporting–both sides–and a real devotion to objectivity that was the norm up to the 1970s in this country.”


Spike Lee: Lying, Money-Hungry Conservatives Will “Put Their Mother on the Corner for a Dollar”

On Al Sharpton’s MSNBC show today, Spike Lee, after castigating President Trump for failing to “condemn hate” in his remarks after Charlottesville last year, said:

“They’ve been able to manufacture, or combine money with hate . . . Just to see these guys get on television and lie, and lie and lie. These guys — let’s go Brooklyn right now — they’ll put their mother on the corner for a dollar.”


Donny Deutsch: Trump’s MAGA Really Means “Make America White Again”

On today’s Morning Joe, Donny Deutsch attempted to recast Donald Trump’s slogan, “Make America Great Again,” as an unalloyed appeal to racism. During a segment focusing on Laura Ingraham’s remarks on immigration from earlier this week, Deutsch said:

“Donald Trump, once and for all, we need to just really look at what his slogan, Make America Great Again, means. We know what it means. We know what it meant. Make America White Again. And that’s what that slogan always was.”


Fmr. Obama Aide: Trump White House “Has Highest Crime Rate” in DC

How long did Matthew Miller lay in bed last night working up his line? Eric Holder’s former spokesman seemed giddy with schadenfreude-fueled excitement as he came out with it on today’s Morning Joe.

Referring to the fact that GOP Rep. Chris Collins has been charged with making an insider-trading phone call while on White House grounds, and that former NSA Michael Flynn allegedly lied to the FBI in an interview at the White House, Miller said:

“You could make a case that the White House compound now has the highest crime rate of any neighborhood in Washington.”


Mika on Ocasio-Cortez: “When Women Fail, It’s Much More of a Story” Than When Men Do

Sexism strikes again! When women mess up in public, it attracts more attention than when men do! Who knew? But fortunately, we have Mika Brzezinski to enlighten us.

On today’s Morning Joe, speaking of the stumbles of socialist superstar Alexandria Ocasio-Ortez, Mika Brzezinski said:

“Women are learning, in real time, to fail publicly. Andrea [sic] Ocasio-Cortez has had a rough run since she won in New York. But, we do it! Just like men. And we have a bigger reaction to it, because for some reason, when women fail, it’s much more of a story than men.”

Funny, coming from the co-host of a show that has as its unrelenting focus the failures, real or alleged, of the man occupying the White House. And among many other instances of stumbles of male politicians getting tons of attention, look no further back than the coverage of Roy Moore. (more…)

Barnicle: Not “All” People at Trump Rallies are Racist

Gee, thanks, Mike!

On today’s Morning Joe, speaking of the people who attend Trump rallies, Mike Barnicle said:

“These people who show up are victims of a con. Not all of them are racist. Now, some perhaps are—there’s no doubt about that. But they’re victims of a con. They need a leader, a president, who will do something about their lives; to improve their lives. That’s the tragedy.”

No doubt that “some” at Trump rallies are racist, Mike? Who let Sarah Jeong sneak in? (more…)

CNN’s Camerota: “Open and Shut” that Taking Hillary Dirt from Russia a Crime. Really?

When it comes to the law, who you gonna believe: legal scholars, or Alisyn Camerota, with her American University degree in “broadcast journalism?”

On CNN this morning, co-host Camerota claimed that it was an “open and shut case” that it was a crime for the Trump campaign to meet with Russians for the purpose of taking dirt on Hillary from them. Always one to keep an open mind, Camerota added:

“I don’t want to parse this anymore. The law says you can’t do this. It’s very clear. The law explicitly says you cannot do this.” (more…)

Joy Reid Guest: Republicans “May Not Concede” Election, “Want One-Party State”

Cue Buffalo Springfield’s “For What It’s Worth.” Because “paranoia strikes deep” on the set of Joy Reid’s MSNBC show this morning.

Guest Sarah Kendzior, looking ahead to November’s elections, was in full paranoid flight. Among her possible horribles, Kendzior warned:

“The GOP may simply not concede . . . This is a party that is not interested in, in this point, at democracy [sic]. They want a one-party state to protect this President, whose loyalty is not to this country, and I think they will go through any means necessary to try to do that.” (more…)