Sharpton not Seeing Blue Wave: We’re “in the Hospital” on the Left, if not the “Cemetery”

Blue wave? What blue wave? Even Al Sharpton’s not seeing it.

On his MSNBC show this morning, Hugh Hewitt, saying there was no blue wave, predicted that Republicans would pick up four to five Senate seats and hold the House.

You might have expected Sharpton to sharply disagree. But to the contrary, he said:

“We are hearing in the media ‘blue wave.’ But we really don’t know. I travel a lot; I’m on the ground a lot. I don’t feel a lot of energy; [though] more than Hugh gave us. I don’t think we’re at the cemetery, but I do think we’re in the hospital on the left.”


Joy Reid Guest: Russians Meddling with Dem “Blue Wave” Would Be “Grounds for Civil War”

“To the barricades, comrades!” That could be Nancy Pelosi’s battle cry come November . . . if you believe Malcolm Nance, that is.

Appearing on Joy Reid’s MSNBC show this morning, terrorism analyst Nance raised the specter of Russian meddling with the Dems’ “blue wave” in the 2018 elections, suggesting the Ruskies might even resort to “direct messing with the ballots.”

Nance said that such meddling:

“would be tantamount to setting the grounds for civil war. Really, to be quite honest.”


Note that Nance doesn’t merely suggest that Russian interference with a Dem blue wave could spark a civil war. He says such meddling would be “grounds” for civil war. Does Nance mean to imply that civil war would be justified in such case?

Morning Joe Literally Laughs Off Michael Cohen’s Credibility

On the one hand, Morning Joe breathlessly reported today that Michael Cohen has allegedly said that President Trump had advance knowledge of the meeting between members of his campaign and a Russian offering to dish dirt on Hillary.

On the other hand, just a bit later in the show, Morning Joe literally laughed off Cohen’s credibility. Jonathan Swan of Axios reported that Cohen told friends that President Trump’s Helsinki press conference “was a turning point in the Trump presidency and he said that he’s long questioned Trump’s fitness to be President but had no occasion to Trump’s loyalty to the country.”

Swan smirked as he reported Cohen’s comments, indicating his own skepticism about their sincerity. Willie Geist then openly expressed his own incredulity: (more…)

“Bob Corker Sounded Like the Democrats”—Kasie Hunt on Grilling of Pompeo

Finally: something said by an NBC reporter we can heartily agree with: Bob Corker sounds like a Democrat.

On today’s Morning Joe, NBC political correspondent Kasie Hunt, speaking of [putative] Republican Sen. Bob Corker’s grilling of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo at yesterday’s Senate hearing, said:

“Bob Corker sounded like the Democrats.”


David Gregory: “Pretty Seedy” for Cohen to have Taped Client Trump

CNN is, predictably, in wall-to-wall coverage this morning of the tape of a conversation between then-candidate Trump and Michael Cohen that Cohen’s lawyer Lanny Davis has provided to the network.

But amidst all the fevered speculation about what was said on the tape and what the legal and political ramifications might be, CNN political analyst David Gregory did offer this reality check:

“This is pretty seedy on his part, as a lawyer, to record his client. And I think the President will have a constituency saying: who is this guy and why did he do that?”

Co-host Alisyn Camerota concurred:


Clintons, Hello? Barnicle Claims Trump WH “First Filled with Grifters”

Back in 2011, a Morning Joe promo featured Mike Barnicle sleeping on a park bench. So let’s cut Mike some slack: it’s possible he snoozed through the Clinton years. Otherwise, it would be impossible to understand Barnicle’s claim on today’s Morning Joe. Speaking of the Trump presidency, the erstwhile Boston Globe columnist said:

“This is the first White House in the history of this republic that is largely filled with grifters.”


Richard Clarke Hopes “the System Will Resist” to Stop Trump from Launching Attack

Next time someone spots Richard Clarke’s car, check to see if he’s sporting a “Resist” bumper sticker . . .

On CNN today, Clarke–who among other positions served as an advisor to Madeleine Albright–expressed the hope that “the system” would “resist” President Trump should he order an attack on North Korea or Iran.

Clarke said “we have to worry” that President Trump would try, for personal reasons, to launch an attack against North Korea or Iran. Continued Clarke:

“We do have Secretary Mattis standing between him and our forces. So if the President wakes up in the middle of the night and is mad at Iran and orders some attack, hopefully the system will resist.”


Avenatti: I’d Consider Representing Cohen If He’ll Turn on Trump

My advice to Michael Cohen: don’t hire Michael Avenatti as your lawyer. He doesn’t have your best interests at heart. To the contrary, he would use you to advance his own ambitions.

That became obvious by Avenatti’s own statement on Joy Reid’s MSNBC today. Asked by Reid whether he’d represent Cohen, Avenatti said:

“The only way that I would agree to do that is if I had 100% confidence that Michael Cohen was ready to do the right thing: fully disclose what he knew about the President, and if he sought my assistance in bringing that information to the American people and divulging it all: putting it all on the table.”


Donny Deutsch: Republicans “Pathetic, Whimpering Little Cowards” for Supporting “Treasonous” Trump

On today’s Morning Joe, ad man Donny Deutsch attacked rank-and-file Republicans as “pathetic, whimpering little cowards” for their support of a President Trump. whom Deutsch repeatedly accused of “treason.”


“I don’t think it’s extreme to use that ‘treason‘ word . . . As a branding guy, I have no trepidation about assigning that ‘treason‘ word . . . We have a treasonous President . . . The fact that 80% of Republicans think that he behaved okay–gave him a stamp of approval–your ex-party, Joe, you wrote about it yesterday in the Washington Post, shame on these pathetic, whimpering little cowards.”


Fmr. Obama Official: Trump May Have Leaked Intel “Crown Jewels” to Putin

On today’s Morning Joe, Matthew Miller, former Obama official turned MSNBC analyst, suggested that during their Helsinki meeting, President Trump might have leaked to Putin the existence of a “human source close to Vladimir Putin who was cooperating with the US intelligence community.”

Miller described such information as the “crown jewels” of US intelligence, and continued:

“I can’t believe this is something I’m saying about the President of the United States, but it made me wonder if people are suspicious that [Trump] revealed sensitive classified intelligence, including human source information, to the President of the Russian Federation.”