Joy Reid Panel Horrified as Liberal Guest Predicts 2020 Trump Win

Joy Reid was surely not expecting the answer she got when on her MSNBC show this morning she asked guest Elie Mystal “does Donald Trump serve out his full term?” After all, Mystal has liberal, nay radical [see below], roots. But to Reid’s dismay, Mystal [seen on left in screencap] responded:

“Yeah. I think he wins in 2020.”

The panel exploded in shocked horror. The guest sitting next to Mystal let out a long “wh-a-a-a-t??!!” Someone else could be heard saying “no-o-o-o.” Reid responded that the segment would end “on that frightening note.”  (more…)

Bleeped Agnew Lawyer Believes Trump Paying Manafort Legal Bills

Warning: when you invite a flamboyant, retired lawyer in his 80s onto your show, you might wind up getting foul language on the air, along with wild conspiracy theories.

Joe Scarborough learned that lesson the hard way today when he invited Martin London onto Morning Joe. London served as a lawyer to Spiro Agnew, and recently wrote a column suggesting that President Trump should consider resigning. At one point, London’s audio cut out, and when it came back, Scarborough said that he hoped his executive producer Alex Korson had hit the seven-second delay. We don’t know what London said — maybe there’s a good lip reader out there — but he apologized: “sorry about that.”

Later, Scarborough asked John Heilemann who was paying Paul Manafort’s legal bills, given that Manafort is “broke.” Heilemann said: (more…)

Donny Deutsch: Trump “Would Send His Children to Jail” to Save Himself

There’s been a consensus that, whatever else his critics might say about him, Donald Trump has been a good father. Then along came Donny Deutsch.

Said Deutsch on today’s Morning Joe:

He would flip on anybody to save himself. I actually believe, that even if they came to his children, he would send his children to jail before he would go to jail. I think he’s that level, that depraved, and that empty of any moral center.”

Deutsch’s comment came in the context of a discussion of President Trump’s tweet, below, praising Paul Manafort for refusing to break under pressure from prosecutors.

Bushie Elise Jordan: Trump’s Base Knows He’s a “Scumbag”

When Elise Jordan was writing speeches for George W. Bush and Condi Rice, it’s unlikely that her lexicon included such vulgarities.

But now that she works for MSNBC, Jordan needs to establish her liberal street cred by breaking out such coarse lingo. On today’s Morning Joe, Mika Brzezinski asked Jordan whether the Trump base, as represented by the people at attendance at yesterday’s rally in West Virginia, would be moved by yesterday’s news about Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen. Responded Jordan.

“The short answer is ‘no.’ It’s very baked in as of now and is not going to change that Donald Trump is indeed a scumbag. Voters know that. They do not expect him to be the kind of man who treats his wife with any decency and dignity. And that is a known, and isn’t necessarily going to move the most hard-core voters.”


Obama-appointed US Attorney: Trump “Won’t be Able to Survive” Mueller Report

Give the woman credit for candor. She made clear what Dems are banking on: that the Mueller report will bring down President Trump.

On today’s Morning Joe, Joyce White Vance, whom Pres. Obama appointed as US Attorney for the Northern District of Alabama, gave away the game plan. Responding to Joe Scarborough’s question as to why Rudy Giuliani is “lying,” Vance said:

“Giuliani and the President are playing to the court of public opinion, because they know that they’ll lose in a court of law . . . They know bad news will come in the form of a report from Mueller, sooner or later, whether it’s before or after the election. They won’t be able to survive the contents of the report if it’s anything like what we’re hearing publicly.”


Chris Matthews: Almost All Demagogues Like Trump “Died Hideously”

So what does Chris Matthews foresee for President Trump: hanging by the ankles like Mussolini, or firing squad like Ceausescu?

On his MSNBC “Hardball” show, after former acting CIA director John McLaughlin refers to President Trump as a “tyrant,” Matthews says:

“Following your lines, I’ve often thought that demagoguery is not a good long-term career move. The only one I know that got a long-time career out of it was [Spain’s Generalissimo] Franco. The rest of them all died hideously.”


WaPo’s Robinson: Trump’s Pulling of Brennan Clearance Should be Article of Impeachment

The left continues to lose its collective mind over President Trump’s decision to revoke John Brennan’s security clearance. Yesterday, we noted Andrea Mitchell suggesting that Trump’s action could constitute “obstruction of justice.”

Today, Washington Post editor/columnist Eugene Robinson, on Morning Joe, took things an absurd step further, saying Trump’s move was grounds for impeachment:

“This is just a blatant abuse of power. I mean, I don’t know what else you can call it. And really should be one of the eventual articles of impeachment.”


Andrea Mitchell: Trump’s Cancellation of Brennan Clearance Could be “Obstruction of Justice”

Can doing something you have the legal right to do nevertheless constitute a crime? Yes . . . according to Andrea Mitchell.

On today’s Morning Joe, just moments after acknowledging that President Trump “has the legal right” to have canceled John Brennan’s security clearance, Mitchell continued:

“Arguably, some people will say, and I’m not a lawyer, but I’m certain that Mueller is looking into this, that this could be another issue of potential obstruction of justice. Whether it is of criminal import or not, it certainly is a question.”


On Morning Joe, Donny Deutsch Calls Trump Fans “Fluffers”

Donny Deutsch might have set a vulgar new low in expressing liberals’ contempt for supporters of President Trump. On today’s Morning Joe, Deutsch referred to a group of Trump supporters as “fluffers.”

For those who might be unfamiliar with the term, “fluffer” is defined as “a person employed on a pornographic film set to ensure that male actors are kept aroused.”

After uttering the slur, Deutsch, a sly smile on his face [see screencap], added, “I just said that word, didn’t I? Well, just metaphorically, of course.”


Here’s the full quote:

“An interesting anecdote that somebody told me. When they were at his country club in Bedminster and Trump was about to walk into the room, and some of the Secret Service guys came up to the people he was going to go see and say, ‘hey, when you see the President, say positive things. You know, pump him up.’ They were like basically fluffers in the room, in effect. And — did — I just said that word, didn’t I? Well, just metaphorically, of course.”

Note: In June,  DNC Chairman Tom Perez brought President Obama out onto the stage at a fundraiser by telling the audience, “let’s give it up for the real president of the United States.”

By Deutsch’s logic, what does that make the Dems in attendance?