Calling Trump “Stupid, Coward, Submissive,” Morning Joe Tries to Lure Prez Into Mueller Talk

In February, Raw Story noted Joe Scarborough transparently trying to bait President Trump into agreeing to an interview with Robert Mueller by saying that the President’s lawyers think he’s “too stupid” to handle such a sit-down.

Scarborough, with help from Mika Brzezinski and Donny Deutsch, was back at the Trump-baiting game today. In the opening segment, the trio repeatedly asserted that Trump’s lawyers think the president is “too stupid” to handle Mueller.

Adding fuel to the provocation fire, they also suggested that Trump’s education isn’t as good as Mueller’s, and that Trump would be a “coward” and “very submissive” if he refused to talk with Mueller. (more…)

Scarborough, Deutsch Beg Cohen to Turn on Trump: Don’t Sacrifice Your Children for Trump’s Children

This actually came close to the classic line: “nice kids. Wouldn’t wanna see nuthin’ happen to them.”

On today’s Morning Joe, Donny Deutsch and Joe Scarborough implored Michael Cohen to turn on President Trump. Deutsch, mentioning that he knows Cohen very well, said that he often tells him: “you’ve got to protect yourself, you’ve got to protect your family.”

Scarborough said, “I just can’t imagine that he’s willing to sacrifice the well-being of his children for the well being of Trump’s children.” Replied Deutsch, speaking of his conversations with Cohen: “those words I used exactly.”

Deutsch also warned Cohen: (more…)

Chris Cuomo: Trump Will Be More Civil to Mueller If It’s His “Ass On the Line”

In a million years, would Chris Cuomo have used such vulgar language when referring, say, to Hillary Clinton or President Obama?

On CNN this morning, responding to a mention that Michael Cohen had been “incredibly respectful” of the process by which his home and offices had been searched, Cuomo said:

“You’re going to be a little more civil when it’s your ass on the line. It’s easy for the President to be long and strong now. I’m sure that if he gets closer to doing an interview with Mueller, he won’t be beating up on Mueller the same way. I promise you.”

If Cuomo had ever used such language in respect of Hillary or President Obama, outraged cries of sexism/racism would have echoed through the land. The MSM has a different standard when it comes to President Trump. Ironic that in a discussion of “civility,” Cuomo employed such uncivil language.

Chris Cuomo Claims Mueller Team “About 50/50” Dem-GOP, But Study Found Zero Republicans

Who you gonna believe: the Daily Caller, founded by Tucker Carlson, or CNN’s Chris Cuomo? Because one or the other has things seriously wrong when it comes to the political affiliations of the lawyers on Robert Mueller’s investigative team.

On CNN this morning, Cuomo claimed:

“Mueller’s team has some type of breakdown of Democrat and Republican. It’s about 50/50.”

But a study conducted by the Daily Caller News Foundation came to a strikingly different conclusion. As the headline of the article reporting on the study reads, “Not A Single Lawyer Known To Work For Mueller Is A Republican.” (more…)

“Captain Benghazi”- – Chris Cuomo’s Mocking Moniker for Trey Gowdy

Chris Cuomo has mockingly bestowed a new moniker on Trey Gowdy: “Captain Benghazi.” On CNN this morning, Cuomo suggested that whereas Gowdy went after the Benghazi inquiry “with such an aggression,” he has been lackadaisical in looking into allegations of misconduct against EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt. Cuomo:

“Wasn’t there a big [makes yawning motion] for Captain Benghazi? They went after that with such an aggression, right? And here he says, I don’t like these kind of allegations, but then, they’ve had a month to get documentation from Pruitt. They haven’t gotten it.”


New York Times Opinion Headlines Reveal the Paper’s Obsessive Trump-Hatred

For my sins, I was looking online at the Opinion page of the New York Times this morning. Here’s a sampling of column headlines going back to February, reflecting the paper’s obsessive Trump-hatred:

  • The Conspiracy Theory That Says Trump Is a Genius
  • The True Damage of Trump’s ‘Fake News’
  • The Art of the Flail
  • Will We Stop Trump Before It’s Too Late?
  • Trump’s Approach to Syria Is No Way to Run a War
  • Trump, Driven by Fear
  • Trump’s Irrational Border Plan
  • How to Serve a Deranged Tyrant, Stoically
  • Will Trump Crash the Farm Economy?
  • The Trump Administration Sabotages the Census
  • Yes, You Can Indict the President
  • All the President’s Thugs
  • Trump and Bolton’s Plan to Isolate Allies and Encourage Enemies
  • Trump’s Trans Ban Shows Who He Really Is
  • Trump’s Talk Worries Me, Like the Talk Before the Iraq War
  • Trump Hacked the Media Right Before Our Eyes
  • What Trump and Putin Have in Common
  • Is Trump Giving Authoritarianism a Bad Name?

Many more after the break!


What? CNN “Legal Analyst” Says Stormy Contract Not Binding Cause Trump Didn’t Know About It

If this is the kind of lawyer Harvard is turning out, it could be time to close up shop in Cambridge . . .

CNN legal analyst and Harvard Law alum Areva Martin argued this morning that Stormy Daniels is not bound by her agreement with Michael Cohen not to discuss her alleged affair with Donald Trump, because Trump, per his statement of yesterday, was unaware that Cohen had paid Stormy $130,000.

Martin’s reasoning was so transparently flawed that co-host Alisyn Camerota had no trouble demolishing it: (more…)

Scarborough: SEC Should be “Coming After” Trump for Talking Down Amazon Stock

Now that the liberal media has apparently hit a dry hole in its effort to make a collusion case against President Trump, the MSM is going to have to get more creative in accusing him of other misdeeds. Joe Scarborough has come up with an innovative idea: charge President Trump with market manipulation for talking down Amazon’s stock price.

On today’s Morning Joe, Scarborough said that President Trump:

“lies about [Amazon], causes its stock to go down. I’ve watched enough episodes of Billions to know that if you’ve spread lies about a company or product to cause its stock prices to go down . . . the SEC should be coming after you.”


CNN’s Toobin: “Ann Coulter is Dictating American Immigration Policy”

If only . . .

On CNN this morning, legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin said:

“Apparently, Ann Coulter is dictating American immigration policy.”

Toobin’s comment came during a discussion of President Trump’s announcement that the US military will be securing the Mexican border. Snarked the ever-sarcastic John Avlon:

“If your presidential sense of self-esteem is tied up in Ann Coulter’s opinion, you got a deeper problem . . . You gotta have a deeper North Star to steer by if you’re President of the United States than Ann Coulter’s opinion at any moment.” (more…)

‘Today’ Hypes Oklahoma Teacher Walkout, Despite Record Pay Raise

Today breathlessly made the teacher walkout in Oklahoma and other states its “top story” this morning, touting the “wildfire” as “thousands are rising up and walking out.” The reporter on the ground in Oklahoma claimed it’s “turning out to be more than a protest, but a movement,” and host Hoda Kotb billed it as “a powerful movement that’s sweeping the country.”

A clip showed a student claiming that the walkout is “all for us.” Except it’s not. It’s really about teachers demanding higher salaries, though some window dressing has been added about increasing overall school funding.

One inconvenient fact that Today had to recognize: the Oklahoma legislature just adopted a record $6,100 teacher pay raise, the largest in state history. But teachers continue to refuse to teach as they hold out for more. (more…)