MSNBC’s Heilemann Alludes to Trump as “Total Scumbag”

UPDATE:  As Tim Graham, my former editor at NewsBusters, has pointed out,  in 2011, MSNBC suspended Mark Halperin for calling President Obama a “dick” on Morning Joe.  Odds that Heilemann [formerly Halperin’s close collaborator] suffers a similar fate for his slur? Slim and none.


In its unremitting attack on President Trump, Morning Joe might have hit a vulgar new low today when MSNBC analyst John Heilemann alluded to President Trump as a “total scumbag.”

Here’s the context: what changed Morning Joe from merely another MSM Trump antagonist into raging, Trump-hating fanatics was a 2017 Trump tweet claiming that Mika Brzezinski had turned up at Mar-a-Lago bleeding from a facelift.

So when Trump yesterday tweeted criticism of those who speculated that Melania’s recent absence from public view was attributable to a facelift, Morning Joe pounced. Scarborough and Heilemann unleashed a string of epithets, including Heilemann’s “total scumbag,” condemning anyone who would hurtfully suggest that a woman had a facelift. Although said in the context of those speculating about Melania, Trump was—as Heilemann later admitted—their real target (more…)

Barnicle: Trump a “Stain” on D-Day, RFK Anniversaries

You say presidential “stain,” we say “Bill Clinton and the blue dress . . . ”

When Morning Joe opened today with emotional tributes on the anniversary of D-Day and the assassination of RFK, you just knew they would work in a shot at President Trump. And sure enough, a few minutes along, there was Mike Barnicle to declare:

“The president’s behavior yesterday, with his forced patriotism, on a day like this when we’re talking about D-Day, when we’re talking about what happened in 1968, seems almost like a stain on the day.”


To Promote Diversity, FAA Favors Air Traffic Control Applicants Bad at Science and Unemployed

As a small-plane pilot, I keep up on aviation news, subscribing to multiple magazines, websites and podcasts devoted to flying. So it is a measure of just how hard the Obama admin worked to hide this outrageous story from the public that I had never heard about it until Tucker Carlson brought it to light this evening.

Turns out, diversity activists during the Obama era decided that there was insufficient diversity among air traffic controllers. So, without a vote, the Obama FAA scrapped its merit-based rules and replaced them with a system contrived to benefit “diverse” applicants.

As Tucker explained it, and as hard as this is to believe, the system awards big bonus points to applicants who describe themselves as bad at science, and unemployed. Applicants who are very familiar with air traffic control or are pilots get relatively few bonus points (more…)

MSNBC’s Heilemann: Samantha Bee’s C-word “Not on Same Scale” as Roseanne’s Racism

There has been an outpouring of conservative condemnation of Roseanne for her racist comment about Valerie Jarrett. But the left-wing media is largely rallying around Samantha Bee for calling Ivanka Trump the c-word.

Take the Daily Beast, where Amy Zimmerman dismissed Bee’s attack as merely “cussing” and “naughty words,” claiming that to compare it with Roseanne’s tweet is “the false equivalency to end all false equivalencies.”

Along similar lines, on today’s Morning Joe MSNBC analyst John Heilemann argued that the punishment for Bee shouldn’t be as harsh as the show cancellation that Roseanne promptly suffered. Heilemann:

“In the scale of punishment, I don’t think that what Samantha Bee said is on the same scale as what Roseanne said. Because I don’t think vulgarity equals racism . . . it doesn’t reflect the same kind of corrupt values as what Roseanne said, because I do believe there’s a distinction between grotesque vulgarity and racist vulgarity.”


Mika: I “Love” Shep Smith, “Thank God for Him”

All you need to know about Shep Smith: Mika Brzezinski loves him.

On today’s Morning Joe, introducing a clip of Smith, Mika said: “love him.” When the clip concluded, an adoring Mika added: “thank God for him.”

In the clip, from Fox News of yesterday, Smith: blasted President Trump’s suggestion that Robert Mueller is meddling in the midterm elections; asserted that there is no “Russia witch-hunt;” and said that there is “no evidence” to support Trump’s claim that federal officials spied on his campaign with an informant. (more…)

CNN Conceals: “Vets” Group Trashing Trump Memorial Day Tweet is Dem-aligned PAC

New anchor, same liberal bias . . .

Today marks John Berman’s first day as co-anchor of CNN’s “New Day,” taking over from Chris Cuomo who has moved to primetime. But nothing has changed when it comes to the network’s relentlessly liberal, anti-Trump bias.

Reporter Kaitlan Collins cited and displayed a tweet from “VoteVets” harshly criticizing President Trump’s Memorial Day tweet in which he touted the strong economy. An innocent viewer might have assumed VoteVets was a non-partisan group representing all veterans.

What Collins and CNN failed to disclose is that “VoteVets” is actually a self-described “progressive” political action committee. Even the New York Times has described VoteVets as “a group closely aligned with Congressional Democrats.” The group has spent millions attacking Republicans and supporting Dem candidates. It even takes up other liberal causes such as “clean energy.” (more…)

Despite Her History of Silencing Conservatives, Joy Reid Suggests NFL Kneel Rule Violates 1st Amendment

If there is one person on TV who should have the good grace not to raise the issue of the right of a private-sector entity to control speech within its domain, it’s Joy Reid.

As the host of an MSNBC show, Reid has a notorious history of shutting down, correcting, reprimanding and even defenestrating conservatives who say things she doesn’t like. For example, when a Republican referred to the “Democrat party,” Reid reprimanded him: “on this show, we say Democratic,” warning him that “we’re going to have to sit down. We’re going to have a talking-to.” Reid similarly shut down another conservative who had the audacity to speak of “illegals.” Other examples of Reid stifling conservative speech abound, as herehere and here.

So it would be the height of hypocrisy for Reid to suggest that the NFL might be running afoul of the First Amendment with its new rule that could result in fines for teams whose players kneel during the Anthem. But that didn’t deter Reid this morning, who said:

“The First Amendment argument is complicated because it’s not the government that’s preventing speech, it’s these private organizations, which also happen to get a lot of money from the Department of Defense.”


CBS Wants to Know if Citizen Who Stopped OKC Shooter Had Permit

“CBS This Morning” gave generally fair coverage today to yesterday’s shooting at an Oklahoma City restaurant in which an armed citizen shot and killed the assailant.

But CBS couldn’t help but let the MSM’s fixation on gun control creep in. At the end of the segment, the CBS reporter on the scene, David Begnaud, said:

“We asked the police if that armed civilian had a permit to carry his weapon, and they told us they didn’t know but they were looking into it.”


Fmr. NFL Union Head: Players’ Right to Kneel “Supersedes” League Rules

George Martin, the former head of the NFL players’ union, seems confused about the Constitution. Martin was interviewed on CNN this morning regarding the new NFL rule pursuant to which teams can be fined if players kneel during the Anthem. When Chris Cuomo pointed out that “the league is a private concession; they can make their own rules,” Martin responded:

“I think they have the right to make those rules. And I think we have the right to either adhere to them or not. And I think that our right supersedes theirs.” (more…)

Fmr. Comey Assistant: Trump Supporters “Wingnuts” Who Might Not Play with “Full Deck”

Do you believe the evidence suggests that the FBI under Obama and James Comey sought to obtain damaging information on Donald Trump? If so, Josh Campbell thinks you’re a “wingnut” who might not be “playing with a full deck.”

Campbell is a former FBI agent and assistant to Comey who quit the FBI to join the anti-Trump Resistance and sign on with CNN—which could be considered the same thing. Appearing on the network this morning, Campbell said:

“The challenge in dealing with conspiracy theories is that you never win by calling them for what they are. No one in the history of mankind ever persuaded a wingnut by calling them a wingnut . . . Either, one, these people aren’t playing with a full deck, or two, they’re running cover for a White House that is in survival mode . . . or three, they genuinely believe this nonsense.”

Campbell is the same guy who a year ago wrote a column claiming that his former boss, Comey, is “not a showboat.” Comey then proceeded to negotiate a multi-million dollar book deal and go on a publicity tour. Even John Podhoretz, no Trump fan, has accused Comey of “narcissism” and having “self-aggrandizingly arrogated to himself the role of speaking to the American people about whether or not Hillary Clinton should or should not have been indicted.”

Comey “not a showboat?” So much for Campbell’s credibility.

Note: This was the first time I’d seen Campbell in action and was surprised by his supercilious, puerile manner. This is a 10-year FBI veteran and former assistant to Comey?