Is it the role of a network host to call out the daughter of the President to pay for the visit of a heroine of the left? Alisyn Camerota apparently thinks so.

Interviewing Lilly Ledbetter today, whose failed pay-discrimination lawsuit led to the passage of the Fair Pay Act named in her honor, Camerota mentioned that Ledbetter had reached out to Ivanka Trump. Ledbetter said that Ivanka had responded saying she’d be glad to meet, but that Ledbetter hasn’t been able to get to DC to meet because “I don’t have the financial situation to buy a plane ticket and stay a couple of days in Washington.”

That’s when Camerota got on her platform:

“Hopefully, Ivanka Trump if she’s listening, or the message gets to her, they can find the financial means for you to come so that you and she can have that important conversation.”

Note: Call me cynical, but even assuming Ledbetter can’t afford to travel to DC to meet Ivanka, surely there are all sorts of labor/progressive groups that could easily pay for her trip. Could it be that the left doesn’t want Ivanka to have the meeting with Ledbetter, and the photos and positive coverage that would go with it?

Note segundo: Ledbetter had been invited on to promote “RBG,” CNN’s sure-to-be-fawning film about Ruth Bader Ginsburg that premieres this Monday [Labor Day, sponsored by Progressive–get it?] Ginsburg wrote the dissent to the Supreme Court decision that rejected Ledbetter’s lawsuit, and Ledbetter told Camerota that Ginsburg is “my hero forever.”

CNN’s Camerota Calls Out Ivanka to Pay for Lilly Ledbetter Visit
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