Remember Ted Kennedy in 1987 claiming that if the Senate confirmed Robert Bork to the Supreme Court, “women would be forced into back-alley abortions [and] blacks would sit at segregated lunch counters?” Not vitriolic.

How about the 1991 “high-tech lynching” by Senate Dems of Clarence Thomas? Again, not vitriolic.

Or the infamous NAACP dragging-death commercial of 2000 in which George W. Bush was accused of killing the victim all over again? Nope, not vitriolic.

No, the political vitriol didn’t begin until 2008. And it was Sarah Palin’s fault. That is, if you believe CNN, and, apparently, John McCain. This morning, CNN’s senior White House correspondent Jeff Zeleny said:

“We also know that Sarah Palin is not invited. It’s also I think, to be honest here, a sense of John McCain also trying to sort of reclaim some of his brand, if you will. Because by not having Sarah Palin at the service as well [as Pres. Trump], and this was the wishes of his family, we are learning, he is also trying to perhaps put something back in the bottle that he helped, sort of, create in that 2008 campaign. That’s when this vitriol was sort of first beginning.”

Can Zeleny, CNN and the McCains truly be so ignorant of political history? Of course not. McCain was a sitting senator during the vitriolic vilification of Bork, Thomas and Bush.  He surely remembered it. But how convenient, for purposes of glorifying McCain, to vilify Sarah Palin.

CNN: Palin Not Invited to McCain Funeral Because She Began Era of “Vitriol”
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