On Al Sharpton’s MSNBC show today, Spike Lee, after castigating President Trump for failing to “condemn hate” in his remarks after Charlottesville last year, said:

“They’ve been able to manufacture, or combine money with hate . . . Just to see these guys get on television and lie, and lie and lie. These guys — let’s go Brooklyn right now — they’ll put their mother on the corner for a dollar.”

It is difficult to say precisely whom Lee had in mind with his line. But he had preceded it with his attack on President Trump for failing to condemn hate. And Lee made much of his refusal to call President Trump by name, derisively referring to him instead as “Agent Orange.”

So it’s fair to assume that Lee was referring to Trump and to conservative TV personalities who, in Lee’s view, combine “money with hate” and go on TV “and lie and lie and lie.”

Note: our readers are a sophisticated bunch, but just to make absolutely clear: when Lee, going “Brooklyn” as he said, speaks of putting a mother on the street corner for a dollar, he is speaking of making a streetwalker–a prostitute–of her.

Spike Lee: Lying, Money-Hungry Conservatives Will “Put Their Mother on the Corner for a Dollar”
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