How long did Matthew Miller lay in bed last night working up his line? Eric Holder’s former spokesman seemed giddy with schadenfreude-fueled excitement as he came out with it on today’s Morning Joe.

Referring to the fact that GOP Rep. Chris Collins has been charged with making an insider-trading phone call while on White House grounds, and that former NSA Michael Flynn allegedly lied to the FBI in an interview at the White House, Miller said:

“You could make a case that the White House compound now has the highest crime rate of any neighborhood in Washington.”

The only surprise was that Morning Joe didn’t have a rim shot cued up.

When it comes to knowing about potentially criminal behavior by government officials, Miller surely knows a thing or two, having worked for Dem Sen. Bob Menendez, who dodged corruption charges with a hung jury. Menendez was later formally admonished by the unanimous, bi-partisan, decision of the Senate Ethics Committee.

Fmr. Obama Aide: Trump White House “Has Highest Crime Rate” in DC

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