Sexism strikes again! When women mess up in public, it attracts more attention than when men do! Who knew? But fortunately, we have Mika Brzezinski to enlighten us.

On today’s Morning Joe, speaking of the stumbles of socialist superstar Alexandria Ocasio-Ortez, Mika Brzezinski said:

“Women are learning, in real time, to fail publicly. Andrea [sic] Ocasio-Cortez has had a rough run since she won in New York. But, we do it! Just like men. And we have a bigger reaction to it, because for some reason, when women fail, it’s much more of a story than men.”

Funny, coming from the co-host of a show that has as its unrelenting focus the failures, real or alleged, of the man occupying the White House. And among many other instances of stumbles of male politicians getting tons of attention, look no further back than the coverage of Roy Moore.

Speaking of failing publicly, there was Mika calling Ocasio-Cortez “Andrea” instead of her actual name of Alexandria. In the clip, you’ll see Mika glancing off-set, apparently aware she might have messed up.

Mika on Ocasio-Cortez: “When Women Fail, It’s Much More of a Story” Than When Men Do

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