Gee, thanks, Mike!

On today’s Morning Joe, speaking of the people who attend Trump rallies, Mike Barnicle said:

“These people who show up are victims of a con. Not all of them are racist. Now, some perhaps are—there’s no doubt about that. But they’re victims of a con. They need a leader, a president, who will do something about their lives; to improve their lives. That’s the tragedy.”

No doubt that “some” at Trump rallies are racist, Mike? Who let Sarah Jeong sneak in?

Barnicle was riffing off polling data showing Trump’s strongest support among non-college educated whites. He wants a President “who will do something about their lives.” What do you call a booming economy with record numbers of people at work, Mike?

This is the kind of condescending stuff we so often see from liberals talking about conservatives. The kind of thinking behind “What’s the Matter with Kansas,” confounded that working-class Americans aren’t voting for liberals who “care” about them.

Barnicle: Not “All” People at Trump Rallies are Racist
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