Name names, Mika . . .

During Mika Brzezinski’s long, and apparently prepared, statement on today’s Morning Joe about President Trump’s mental health, she made this remarkable statement:

“Donald Trump is not well, and everyone close to him says it. They’re all scared of what he’s going to say or tweet next.”

If that’s true, then doesn’t Mika have an obligation to name the names of those “everyone?” If Mika truly believes that the country is in the peril she describes, then off-the-record rules, if that’s what’s stopping Mika from being specific, be damned.

The one person that Mika did mention in support of her Trump-is-sick theory is . . . Omarosa, citing her soon-to-be-released book in which she describes Trump as being “in a state of mental decline.”

Omorasa is your source, Mika? Sorry, but you’re going to have to do better than Omarosa to bring down a President.

Mika: “Everyone” Close to Trump Says He is “Not Well”
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