Fever’s running high in the swamp this morning . . .

On today’s Morning Joe, Mika Brzezinski intimated that President Trump could be charged with “child abuse” over the government’s separation policy for people found illegally entering the US. After the show ran a clip of Trump at a rally saying that “we might have to do some pretty drastic things” to accomplish border security, Mika said:

“I think you’ve already done enough ‘drastic things.’ Especially separating the kids from their families, leaving hundreds of kids wondering when they’re ever going to see their families again. Probably abusing them. I would define that as child abuse. AndI wonder about the legal ramifications ultimately down the road.”

Go ahead, Dems. Run on a platform of open borders, impeaching Trump, and charging him with the crime of child abuse. Can you say red wave?

This kind of indiscriminate hurling of the worst kind of accusations against Trump is further evidence of a liberal media whose Trump hatred has made it literally lose its mind.


Mika Suggests Trump Could be Charged with “Child Abuse” over Separation Policy

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