This week marks Andrea Mitchell’s 40th anniversary at NBC News, and the network has been filled with tributes to her.

But when it comes to gushing, it will be hard to top Willie Geist’s effort, which aired during Mitchell’s MSNBC show today:

“You are one of a very small handful of icons in our business, about whom a young journalist thinks: I can’t even believe I work in the same news division where she works. It always has been a privilege, and that awe has never gone away.”

The tribute ended with a still shot of Mitchell warmly holding hands with Gabby Giffords. Well and good. But compare and contrast with the iconic photo of a stone-faced Mitchell confronting Sarah Palin with an unflattering Newsweek cover that read “she’s bad for the GOP — and for everybody else, too.”

Note: Willie’s one of my favorite NBC/MSNBC figures. A low bar, to be sure, but he comes across as an amiable, regular guy who makes an effort to be a voice of fairness in the liberal loony bin. So perhaps we’ll cut Geist some slack for laying it on so thick. Still . . .

Willie Geist’s Gushing Tribute to Andrea Mitchell: Still in “Awe” of “Icon”
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