During today’s Morning Joe discussion of what was described as a “rambling,” contradictory, Fox News interview with Rudy Giuliani, Mike Barnicle seemed to suggest that Giuliani might have been drunk.

After airing a clip of Giuliani, Joe Scarborough asks, “what’s he saying?”, Barnicle replies, “another round,” and Scarborough adds “my drinks are free.” A bit later, Barnicle says:

“What time of night was he interviewed for that? That’s my question.”

Mika Brzezinski replied: “There’s that question: a good one.”

This banter needs to be understood in the context of Scarborough, back in May, suggesting that Rudy has a drinking problem, claiming:

“Everybody around Donald Trump said [Giuliani] was drinking too much. Donald Trump suggested as much – that was two years ago.”

Barnicle Seems to Suggest Giuliani Might Have Been Drunk During Fox News Interview
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