On the one hand, Morning Joe breathlessly reported today that Michael Cohen has allegedly said that President Trump had advance knowledge of the meeting between members of his campaign and a Russian offering to dish dirt on Hillary.

On the other hand, just a bit later in the show, Morning Joe literally laughed off Cohen’s credibility. Jonathan Swan of Axios reported that Cohen told friends that President Trump’s Helsinki press conference “was a turning point in the Trump presidency and he said that he’s long questioned Trump’s fitness to be President but had no occasion to Trump’s loyalty to the country.”

Swan smirked as he reported Cohen’s comments, indicating his own skepticism about their sincerity. Willie Geist then openly expressed his own incredulity:

“He says he’s long questioned the President’s fitness to be President. [Laughing] He defended him at every turn until about a month ago!”

Donny Deutsch also literally laughed off the idea that Helsinki had been a “turning point” for Cohen, whom Deutsch apparently knows well and to whom he repeatedly referred to as “Michael” throughout the show.

Swan put the final nail in Cohen’s credibility:

“Just to be clear: I don’t believe Michael Cohen, that this was a turning point for him . . . I don’t believe for a second that this was an actual turning point.”

Given Morning Joe‘s obvious disdain for Cohen’s credibility, why does it take so seriously his allegation that Trump had advance knowledge of meeting by members of his campaign with a Russian offering to dish dirt on Hillary?

Morning Joe Literally Laughs Off Michael Cohen’s Credibility
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