Finally: something said by an NBC reporter we can heartily agree with: Bob Corker sounds like a Democrat.

On today’s Morning Joe, NBC political correspondent Kasie Hunt, speaking of [putative] Republican Sen. Bob Corker’s grilling of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo at yesterday’s Senate hearing, said:

“Bob Corker sounded like the Democrats.”

Ever since Corker announced that he wasn’t running for re-election, he has sounded more like Maxine Waters than a sitting Republican senator. Here’s a collection of some of Corker’s more notable shots against President Trump.

Corker also infamously claimed that under President Trump, “the White House has become an adult day care center.”

And Corker has also praised the Democrat running to replace him in the Senate.

So yes, no surprise at all that Corker would sound like a Democrat. For some time now, he has effectively served as a member of the opposition.

“Bob Corker Sounded Like the Democrats”—Kasie Hunt on Grilling of Pompeo
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