CNN is, predictably, in wall-to-wall coverage this morning of the tape of a conversation between then-candidate Trump and Michael Cohen that Cohen’s lawyer Lanny Davis has provided to the network.

But amidst all the fevered speculation about what was said on the tape and what the legal and political ramifications might be, CNN political analyst David Gregory did offer this reality check:

“This is pretty seedy on his part, as a lawyer, to record his client. And I think the President will have a constituency saying: who is this guy and why did he do that?”

Co-host Alisyn Camerota concurred:

“Yeah, that is a good question. Why was he just randomly recording conversations with his client?”

Co-host John Berman facetiously added: “I’m totally never hiring him as my lawyer. Like, at all.”

Questions: was it legal or ethical for lawyer Cohen to have taped his client Trump, presumably without his knowledge? And regardless of whether the taping was permissible, what are the ethical implications of a lawyer making public a tape that could be harmful to the interests of a client, current or former?

David Gregory: “Pretty Seedy” for Cohen to have Taped Client Trump
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