Back in 2011, a Morning Joe promo featured Mike Barnicle sleeping on a park bench. So let’s cut Mike some slack: it’s possible he snoozed through the Clinton years. Otherwise, it would be impossible to understand Barnicle’s claim on today’s Morning Joe. Speaking of the Trump presidency, the erstwhile Boston Globe columnist said:

“This is the first White House in the history of this republic that is largely filled with grifters.”

Go to your illustrated dictionary, Mike. Next to “grifters” you’ll find portraits of Bill and Hillary. From the days that Hillary was turning $1,000 in cattle futures into $100,000, to the saga of going from “dead broke” to pocketing $240 million, the Clinton couple has made cashing in on public office an art form.

Googling “Clinton” and “grifters” turns up 72,800 hits, including columns from the Wall Street Journal and National Review.

Note: Barnicle’s risible claim came in the context of a discussion of the Trump administration’s consideration of pulling the security clearances of former Obama officials like John Brennan, who recently accused President Trump of “treasonous” behavior.

Note segundo: For your delectation, I tried to find and post the Morning Joe promo video featuring the somnolent Barnicle. But it has mysteriously disappeared across the internets. MSNBC was apparently embarrassed by scathing reviews such as this one, and managed to erase that little bit of history.

Clintons, Hello? Barnicle Claims Trump WH “First Filled with Grifters”

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