Next time someone spots Richard Clarke’s car, check to see if he’s sporting a “Resist” bumper sticker . . .

On CNN today, Clarke–who among other positions served as an advisor to Madeleine Albright–expressed the hope that “the system” would “resist” President Trump should he order an attack on North Korea or Iran.

Clarke said “we have to worry” that President Trump would try, for personal reasons, to launch an attack against North Korea or Iran. Continued Clarke:

“We do have Secretary Mattis standing between him and our forces. So if the President wakes up in the middle of the night and is mad at Iran and orders some attack, hopefully the system will resist.”

Looks like Clarke has watched “Dr. Strangelove” one too many times. Relax, Richard. Yes, President Trump has talked tough at times, but other than ordering attacks on ISIS and one limited strike on Syria, has been very circumspect in the use of American force.

Clarke’s statement is nothing but scare-mongering in an attempt to undermine Trump, and indeed constitutes the kind of dangerous speculation that could add to the international tensions he purports to decry.

Note: I doubt retired Marine General Mattis appreciates being cast as someone who would disobey an order from the Commander-in-Chief.

Richard Clarke Hopes “the System Will Resist” to Stop Trump from Launching Attack
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