My advice to Michael Cohen: don’t hire Michael Avenatti as your lawyer. He doesn’t have your best interests at heart. To the contrary, he would use you to advance his own ambitions.

That became obvious by Avenatti’s own statement on Joy Reid’s MSNBC today. Asked by Reid whether he’d represent Cohen, Avenatti said:

“The only way that I would agree to do that is if I had 100% confidence that Michael Cohen was ready to do the right thing: fully disclose what he knew about the President, and if he sought my assistance in bringing that information to the American people and divulging it all: putting it all on the table.”

Think about that. Avenatti demands that Cohen, as the price of being taken on as his client, agree in advance to divulge everything he knows about President Trump. But what if it would not be in Cohen’s best interests to do that? Avenatti doesn’t care. He wants to recruit Cohen to further his campaign against Trump. Remember, Avenatti is a guy who has already floated the possibility of running against Trump in 2020.

A lawyer is supposed to vigorously represent the interests of his client. Avenatti is interested in using Cohen to advance Avenatti’s interests.

Mr. Cohen, Avenatti wants to exploit you, not represent your interests: run don’t walk away from this guy.

Avenatti: I’d Consider Representing Cohen If He’ll Turn on Trump
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