On today’s Morning Joe, ad man Donny Deutsch attacked rank-and-file Republicans as “pathetic, whimpering little cowards” for their support of a President Trump. whom Deutsch repeatedly accused of “treason.”


“I don’t think it’s extreme to use that ‘treason‘ word . . . As a branding guy, I have no trepidation about assigning that ‘treason‘ word . . . We have a treasonous President . . . The fact that 80% of Republicans think that he behaved okay–gave him a stamp of approval–your ex-party, Joe, you wrote about it yesterday in the Washington Post, shame on these pathetic, whimpering little cowards.”

Deutsch would clearly like to see Republicans ditch President Trump, and turn the fate of America over to the tender mercies of the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Hillary Clinton and a Dem president: take your pick of Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, or Kamala Harris.

For that matter, why not elect as our next President the deputy chairman of the Dem party, Keith Ellison? You know, the guy who calls national borders an “injustice.”

Please, Dems, listen to Donny.  Run on accusing Trump of treason and slurring millions of Americans as “pathetic, whimpering little cowards.” Make our day.

Donny Deutsch: Republicans “Pathetic, Whimpering Little Cowards” for Supporting “Treasonous” Trump
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