Speak for yourself, Joe . . .

On today’s Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough claimed “we all know” that President Trump is being “blackmailed” by Vladimir Putin. Here’s Scarborough:

“Donald Trump sat there, and was obsequious to Vladimir Putin . . . We all know that Vladimir Putin is holding something over Donald Trump. We do not know what it is. But we know it must be something extraordinary, because no rational politician, no rational president would act this way if he weren’t being blackmailed on some level . . . I know that even Donald Trump supporters know by this point that Vladimir Putin has something over Trump. I know they know that. Some of them may try to deny it. Not many.”

Scarborough’s assertion that “we all know” that Putin is blackmailing Trump was instantly debunked. Willie Geist offered the alternative explanation for Trump’s behavior: “vanity,” i.e., that Trump doesn’t want to admit that anything other than his own efforts led to his 2016 victory.

Another possible explanation: for the sake of improving relations with Russia, the world’s largest nuclear power after the US, Trump has decided not to accuse Putin on the world stage.

Note: Not only does Scarborough “know” that Putin has something on Trump, he knows that “we all” know that, and even knows that Trump supporters know it. That’s an awful lot of knowing by a guy who furnished no proof in support of his claims.

Scarborough: “We all Know” Trump Being “Blackmailed” by Putin
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