Does a nation have a right to defend its culture? Or does opposition to massive immigration of people from different cultures with a history of non-assimilation amount to racism?

The latter was clearly the view of two of Joy Reid’s guests on her MSNBC show this morning. Reacting to President Trump’s criticism of massive European immigration, expressed during an interview with the UK’s The Sun newspaper, guest Bobby Ghosh said:

“[Trump] is saying Europe has allowed too many immigrants; it’s spoiling European culture. That is classic racist speak. “

A bit later, David Cay Johnston said:

“Donald’s campaign is really ‘make America white again,’ and if you’re not white, you better know your place . . . Donald Trump is a stone, flat-out racist, and always has been.”

Per the latest estimate, there are 7.8 billion people in the world, billions of whom, given the chance, would immigrate to Europe or the US. Would Ghosh, Johnston, Reid et. al have us open our borders to all, and brand as racists all who oppose it?

Joy Reid Guest: Trump a “Stone, Flat-out Racist” for Opposing Open Borders
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