The liberal media doesn’t just reside on a different planet from the rest of us. They’re out in a separate solar system. Nay, a foreign galaxy. If not an altogether alternate universe.

On today’s Morning Joe, Mika Brzezinski described Peter Strzok as a “patriot . . . who loves America” and a “victim” of Republicans. Mika:

“So we had this patriot, articulating beautifully what was driving him throughout this process . . . Anybody who watched that . . . and all you could really hear was a man who loves America, who made mistakes, who is now being abused by a bunch of stuttering, bumbling Republicans on Capitol Hill, because they have their base watching, and they know they need to throw red meat out to their base, using this guy as their victim.”

Actually, “anybody who watched” Mika’s performance saw what an utter partisan she is. The chutzpah it took to describe the preening, arrogant, dissembling, defiant Strzok as a “patriot . . . who loves America” is off the charts.

Note: Joe Scarborough was away today, and as is Mika’s wont when she is in charge, she stacked the deck with an entirely Trump-antagonist crew. Mika’s hand-picked panel consisted of NBC political reporter Heidi Przybyla, Donny Deutsch, Never Trumper Bret Stephens, WaPo columnist David Ignatius, two former Obama staffers Matt Miller and Jeremy Bash, and the BBC’s Katty Kay.

Mika: Strzok the “Victim”— A “Patriot . . . Who Loves America”

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