Sounding like Elizabeth Warren and other Dems with their eyes on 2020, Joe Scarborough is claiming that President Trump chose Brett Kavanaugh as his SCOTUS nominee for the basest of reasons: “to protect himself” from prosecution.

On today’s Morning Joe, referring to a 2009 law review article Kavanaugh wrote in which he suggested that presidents be shielded from civil and criminal litigation while in office, Scarborough said:

“There is no doubt . . . make no mistake of it, this is the reason . . . that’s why he has selected Judge Kavanaugh, because of this, single, 2009 article . . . to protect himself.”

Scarborough did have the decency to point out that Kavanaugh wrote the article in 2009, at the beginning of Barack Obama’s presidency. It had nothing to with Donald Trump or current events.

But that won’t stop Scarborough or the howling liberal pack from attacking Kavanaugh over the article and accusing the president of having picked him out of raw self-interest.

Scarborough: Trump Picked Kavanaugh “to Protect Himself” from Prosecution
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