Demonstrating yet again that there is absolutely nothing that the liberal media can’t turn into an attack on President Trump . . .

On today’s Morning Joe, frequent guest Jon Meacham somehow worked the drama of the Thai kids trapped in the cave into a shot at Trump. Meacham said Trump:

“lives in this kind of fantasy world. And we’re all trapped in it. We’re like the kids in the cave. And the divers won’t come.”

The only surprise is that no one on the show blamed the kids’ plight on Trump, perhaps on the theory that his pulling out of the Paris climate deal caused the flood waters to rise. But hey, it’s early yet. Let’s see what Rachel Maddow or Larry O’Donnell come up with tonight.

Note: We recently noted Meacham, in criticizing Trump’s immigration policies, self-righteously saying that “where I come from, the way you define a nation is not about how you keep people out.” Yet it turns out that where Meacham “comes from” is the super-exclusive enclave of Belle Glade, TN. A little more digging reveals that he also attended the elite, all-boys, McCallie prep school. The photo from the school’s website reveals the wonderfully diverse mosaic of its student body. No keeping people out there!

PS: in an apparent fit of pique, NBC blocked our YouTube of Meacham’s sanctimonious statement about not keeping people out.


Meacham: With Trump, We’re Trapped Like the Kids in the Cave, “and the Divers Won’t Come”
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