When a liberal WaPo columnist urges red-state Dem senators to confirm President Trump’s Supreme Court pick, you know the fight is over . . .

On this evening’s Hardball, liberal, pro-choice, Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus urged red-state Dem senators to vote to confirm President Trump’s SCOTUS nominee. Marcus said it would be a “suicide mission” for red-state Dems to vote Trump’s pick. That’s how you know confirmation is a done deal.

Marcus said she’d be “stunned” if any Republican senator, including pro-choicers like Collins or Murkowski voted against Trump’s pick. Continued Marcus:

“why would Democrats in those red states go on a political suicide mission? Why would Chuck Schumer, the leader, want them to go on a suicide mission?”

Matthews capsulized Marcus’ position:

“You argue, discretion’s the best form of valor. In other words, decide now, you’re not going to win this fight: so just try to win the Senate.”

Replied Marcus pithily: “do the math.”

If Marcus is right, and red-state Dems have no alternative but to confirm Trump’s pick, shouldn’t the prez choose the most conservative/originalist candidate possible?

WaPo’s Marcus: “Suicide Mission” for Red-State Dems to Vote Against Trump SCOTUS Pick
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