You’d think Joy Reid would be on her best behavior when it comes to anything that smacks of ridiculing someone over their sexuality, after the controversy over her homophobic gibes that could have cost Reid her job.

But when on Reid’s MSNBC show of Sunday, July 8th a guest mocked Rudy Giuliani as a “cousin-dater,” Reid could be seen laughing along with her panel.

Tiffany Cross, head of The Beat DC, said of Giuliani:

“The fact that Donald Trump has chosen this cousin-dater to lead his entire legal defense team shows how ill-equipped this man is to be at the helm of the United States.”


Cross was presumably referring to the fact that Giuliani’s first wife, Regina Peruggi, was his second cousin.

So apparently, according to Cross, marrying a second-cousin is not merely grounds for mockery, it disqualifies the person who would hire such a transgressor.

And Reid found that funny?

Can you imagine if a guest on Joy Reid’s show mocked Mohammed for having married a [first] cousin? Or proposed a ban on immigration by Pakistani Muslims because over 50% of them marry first cousins, something that has caused serious health problems for their children? Reid would surely have shut such a person down, as is her habit when it comes to guests saying things she finds objectionable.

But a guest claims Trump is unfit to lead because he hired someone who married his second cousin, and Reid is amused?  The double-standard is glaring.

Note: Cross is the co-founder of The Beat DC, which describes itself as “a political platform highlighting the diversity that leads the nation’s capital.” You’d think Cross should be celebrating Rudy’s diversity in the choice of a wife, rather than mocking it and saying that the choice of a cousin-marrier is disqualifying for leadership.

Here’s Reid laughing at Cross’ “cousin-dater” line.

Joy Reid Amused by Guest Mocking Giuliani as “Cousin-Dater”
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