Could Danny Cevallos’ days at MSNBC be numbered? The question arises because he has–twice by my count–had the temerity to confound liberal thinking on Joy Reid’s show.

Back in February, we noted Cevallos gently explaining to Reid that her suggestion that payments to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal could be “bribes” was wrong.

If that was a gutsy thing for Cevallos to do, he took things a giant step further today. For many liberals, abortion is the ultimate issue, and Roe v. Wade the sacred cow. But Cevallos had the audacity to flatly assert:

“Anyone–people on both sides would agree that the reasoning behind Roe, it stands on shaky ground. It rests on the idea that the right to privacy inherent in an abortion emanates from the penumbra–it glows from the rights of the Constitution, even though it’s not explicitly in the text.”

Note: Cevallos went on to argue that despite Roe’s dubious legal merits, the Supreme Court, even with the substitution of a Trump appointee for Justice Kennedy, is unlikely to overturn it given the court’s respect for precedent.

Note segundo: Cevallos has an article up on the NBC website making similar points to those expressed to Reid today, including the fact that there is “shaky justification” for Roe.

Let’s keep an eye on Cevallos. If his preference for the facts over liberal dogma endanger his tenure at MSNBC, he’ll hopefully be picked up by another media outlet.

MSNBC Legal Analyst: Reasoning Behind Roe v. Wade ‘Shaky’
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