Xanax for patient Karem—stat! Make it a double . . .

Brian Karem, then a Playboy reporter, made his liberal-media bones by haranguing Sarah Huckabee Sanders in the White House press room last year. CNN rewarded Karem for his outburst my naming him an “analyst.” This morning, Karem put on the kind of performance that CNN is paying him for, waxing apocalyptic about the future of the environment and the EPA under Scott Pruitt and his successor, Andrew Wheeler. Excerpts from Karem’s wery, wery scared statement:

“[Pruitt] destroyed the EPA . . . People I’ve known in the EPA for 20 years . . . are fearful of what he has done . . . [Pruitt successor Andrew Wheeler] could be a more frightening man . . . “very frightening.”

Relax, Brian, really: it’s going to be okay. True, Hillary’s dream of putting lots of miners out of work won’t be fulfilled. But the environment will be just fine, and Americans will have more and better jobs.

Note: this isn’t the first time Karem has gone krazy over the environment. We caught him last month calling Pruitt “loathsome,” and saying that “people in the EPA I’ve known for years . . . are disgusted and scared as to what’s happening.” Which is perhaps the best sign that Pruitt was doing something right.

CNN’s Karem Frantic Over Trump EPA: “Fearful, Frightening, Very Frightening”
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