Can you imagine the left’s reaction if a Republican attacked a Dem judicial nominee for being too Muslim? The cries of religious bigotry, and the citation of the Constitution’s prohibition of religious tests for office, would reverberate through the liberal/MSM world.

But on MNSBC this evening, Zerlina Maxwell, SiriusXM’s head of Progressive Programming, didn’t hesitate to attack possible SCOTUS pick Amy Coney Barrett for being “very Catholic” and having gone “to Notre Dame.”

There was a silver lining to Maxwell’s ugly attack. She twice suggested that Dems were likely to lose the confirmation fight, saying:

“You have to fight, even if you know ultimately you will lose . . . I think you fight, even if you don’t win.”

Keep pushing the religious-bigotry line, liberals, and your losses will extend way beyond the Supreme Court fight.

MSNBC Guest Attacks Possible SCOTUS Pick Amy Coney Barrett: “Very Catholic”
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