Every 13 years, just like clockwork, Dick Durbin opens his yap to insult the people keeping America safe . . .

In 2005, Sen. Durbin took to the floor of the Senate to accuse the US military of acting like “Nazis, Soviets in their gulags, or some mad regime: Pol Pot or others” in its treatment of Gitmo prisoners. That earned Durbin the enduring sobriquet ofDick Turban” from Rush Limbaugh.  

Over the weekend, the subject of Durbin’s slurs was ICE. Calling for its abolishment, Durbin said:

“Look at ICE. What a group of incompetents!”

On this morning’s Fox & Friends, Frederick County, MD Sheriff Chuck Jenkins, who has been fighting MS-13 in his community, condemned Durbin:

“That’s a very irresponsible and ignorant statement on his part. He clearly doesn’t understand the role of ICE. He has demeaned and insulted a large group of men and women who protect this country, who do a difficult job every single day.”

So go ahead, Dems: make our day. Run on the abolition on ICE. See you in November.

Note: here is Durbin’s infamous 2005 statement on the Senate floor, comparing the US military to Nazis, Soviets and Pol Pot.

A Decade Ago, Dem Durbin Compared US Military to Nazis; Now He’s Calling ICE “Incompetent”
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