When it suits the liberal media, they will adopt even the worst slurs of those on the right. Take John Avlon on CNN this morning, who recycled failed Republican WV Senatorial primary candidate Don Blankenship’s characterization of Mitch McConnell as “Cocaine Mitch.”

Avlon was commenting on the past maneuvers McConnell had made that now put Republicans in a strong position to confirm President Trump’s nominee to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court. Said Avlon:

“So much for being the institutionalist that McConnell pretends to be here. Let’s just call the hypocrisy out. This is Cocaine and Champagne Mitch. I mean, he’s on a bender.”

Note: there was a stunning aside in this segment. New co-host John Berman took an incredible shot at his predecessor, Chris Cuomo. Berman opened the segment, describing the relative strengths of Republicans and Democrats going into the confirmation process, by quoting the ancient Greek Thucydides: “the strong do as they will and the weak suffer as they must.

A bit later, Jeff Toobin, commenting on Berman’s citation of Thucydides, said: “Chris Cuomo didn’t do any Thucydides.”

Replied Berman: “well, cause he’s the perfect example of the weak suffering as they must.”


CNN’s Avlon on McConnell/SCOTUS: “Cocaine and Champagne Mitch on a Bender”
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