Careful, Joe: put enough snowflakes together and you get an . . . avalanche.

Offended by Maxine Waters’ call for Trump haters to “harass” members of his administration? Joe Scarborough says you’re a “snowflake.”

Scarborough used that s-word four times in little more than a minute during Morning Joe‘s opening segment today:

“Yesterday we saw supporters of Donald Trump melt like precious snowflakes in the Arizona sun because Maxine Waters said some things . . . I do wonder how relatives of mine, and friends of mine, will melt like the biggest, most precious snowflake . . . My friends and relatives, who are such delicate, precious snowflakes . . . Do you think those snowflakes had earmuffs on?”

Scarborough was sarcastically arguing that people who are today offended by Waters weren’t bothered by, e.g., candidate Trump’s calls for action against protestors at campaign rallies.

Note: Morning Joe regular Jon Meacham has gone from serving as a source of relative sanity to joining the pack baying for Trump’s political blood. This morning, he dismissed criticism of Waters’ inflammatory language, saying “you reap what you sow.”

Note segundo: Scarborough twice mocked his “friends and relatives” as snowflakes. You don’t get to choose your relatives, but you have to wonder: how long Scarborough will retain friends whom he so cavalierly insults?

“Snowflakes”: Scarborough Repeatedly Mocks People Offended by Maxine Waters
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