More blame-the-victim from the MSM.

On Saturday, we noted Politico accusing Sarah Sanders of an “attack” for having tweeted about being kicked out of the Red Hen. Maggie Haberman of the NYT/CNN did something similar on CNN this morning. She shrugged off the restaurant owner’s ejection of Sanders, while accusing Sanders, by tweeting, of doing something “very, very dangerous.” Haberman:

“It’s about as civil a form of incivility as you could have seen . . . Using a government account to tweet to three million followers about the name of the restaurant feels very, very dangerous.”

Haberman continued her attack on Sanders and the Trump administration at large:

“You keep seeing with this White House a disappearing of the line of where things are supposed to not be crossed, and this was an example of it.”

Imagine it was Valerie Jarrett—or God forbid, Michelle Obama—who was kicked out of a restaurant under similar circumstances. What are the odds that Haberman or anyone else in the MSM would describe the incident as “civil” or suggest that the ejectee was being “very, very dangerous” for tweeting about it?

CNN’s Haberman: Kicking Out Sanders “Civil,” But Her Tweet “Very, Very Dangerous”
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