Latest episode of Everything is Racist, starring Al Sharpton.

On his MSNBC show this morning, Sharpton said:

“I’ve not heard one word about if we find people coming across the Canadian border illegally, we’re going to grab their children. Because I don’t think America–the part of America that Trump thinks is his base–would tolerate snatching white babies from white mothers.”

There’s a good reason Sharpton hasn’t heard about illegal white immigrants from Canada: there are a negligible number of them.

According to this Wikipedia item, 67% of illegals in the US are from Mexico and other Latin American countries. Illegals from Europe and Canada amount to 5%, a fair proportion of which are presumably non-white.

If Canadians represent half of the Europe/Canada total [a generous assumption given Europe’s vastly larger population], and half the Canadian illegals are non-white, they would represent about 1% of the total illegal immigrant population in the US.  So the problem of illegal immigration from Latin American is about 67x greater than that from Canada.

Sharpton also said:

“The right wing says, aw, Sharpton’s always talking about race.”

That’s because Sharpton is always talking about race, even when, as demonstrably here, it’s a red herring.

Sharpton: Trump Base Wouldn’t “Tolerate Snatching White Babies from White Mothers”
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