No. 7 on that internet list of Signs Your Engagement is in Trouble: “she refuses to hold your hand in public.”

Okay, I made that one up, but there was an awkward and perhaps telling moment on today’s Morning Joe. When Joe Scarborough went to hold the hand of Mika Brzezinski–his long-time fiancée–Mika pulled away, saying:

“Don’t. Don’t do that! Not on the air! Not on the air! What are you doing?”

Scarborough protested that—having been engaged to Mika for “13 years”—he should be entitled to hold her hand. Eventually, Mika semi-relented, saying “if you’ll be quiet, I’ll hold your hand.”

Since being quiet is a near-impossibility for the loquacious Scarborough, Mika’s hand should be safe for awhile.

Note: the moment came as Mika mentioned that during Joe’s recent absence from the show, “we did lots of fighting over issues.” Joe denied it: “no we did not.” But Mika insisted, “yeah, we did.”

Wait a second! No. 4 on that list: “lots of fighting over issues.”

Mika Spurns Scarborough’s Attempt to Hold Her Hand
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