Want to accuse the Trump admin of being a bunch of Nazis? All you need is a tweet by a Boston Globe reporter passing along what “a public defender in McAllen [TX] says.”

On today’s Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough said:

“I know that children are being marched away to showers . . . being told they are, just like the Nazis said they were taking people to showers and then they never came back.”

Scarborough was referring to the handling of children brought into the country by people accused of illegal immigration.

So, how does Scarborough “know” that children are being “marched away to showers?” I’ve tried to track it down, and looks like it goes back to this tweet by Boston Globe reporter Liz Goodwin, formerly of the Daily Beast:

“A public defender in McAllen says some migrants are told their kids are going to be taken away briefly to bathe, and then it dawns on them hours later they aren’t coming back.”

And as we all know, a public defender would never distort the truth on behalf of his clients.

Scarborough: Trump Admin Marching Children to Showers “Like the Nazis”
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