The faces on Morning Joe today were almost as glum as the morning after Hillary Clinton lost. It’s tough for liberals to admit that President Trump pulled off something historic.

So give Joe Scarborough a modicum of credit. As painful as it surely was for him to praise President Trump, Scarborough said:

“I’ve got to admit, when I see these two people shaking hands, I feel a sense of relief, as do a lot of people in Washington, knowing how bleak the situation was six months ago.”

Scarborough also acknowledged that American voters are “going to look at the front page of the paper today and they’re going to say, good on him . . . . Maybe shaking things up, maybe saying no to the experts, maybe raising hell on the world stage, maybe calling him little rocket man, maybe threatening him, got these two together.”

Scarborough also acknowledged that the summit will be good for President Trump, politically.

Mika weighed in to say “I agree” with Joe’s analysis.

Scarborough on Summit: “Got to Admit, I Feel a Sense of Relief”
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