After achieving a modicum of attention as Donald Trump’s ghostwriter for “Art of the Deal,” Tony Schwartz has been seeking a second bite at the celebrity apple, advancing the notion that Trump is—not to put too fine a point on it—crazy.

And of course, the liberal media is happy to provide Schwartz a platform to promote his theory. So there was Schwartz on CNN this morning:

“I’m going to say it very bluntly: he’s mentally ill . . . He’s prima facie mentally ill: he has a personality disorder.”

Host Alisyn Camerota did challenge Schwartz: “All sorts of people that spend time with him say that that’s not true and that he’s operating, all his faculties are completely intact.”

Schwartz’s record as an analyst leaves something to be desired. A year ago, Schwartz predicted that Trump would resign by the Fall of 2017, “if not sooner.”


“Art of Deal” Ghostwriter: Trump “Mentally Ill”
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