Remember that scene in The Blues Brothers where John  Belushi’s ex-fiancee is about to shoot him for jilting her at the altar? Belushi reels off a string of transparently phony excuses, ultimately screaming “it wasn’t my fault!”

On her MSNBC show today, a desperate Joy Reid gave a mirror-image imitation of Belushi’s spiel. Instead of trying to deflect blame, Reid did her best to deny credit to President Trump should his summit with Kim Jong Un be a success.

Reid came up with three excuses:

1. The real credit goes to South Korean President Moon Jae-in.
2. Don’t praise Trump “if he’s stumbling around in the dark, but he finds the golden ticket.”
3. The press, and Americans in general, give American presidents too much credit for what happens in the world.

The success of the summit is far from guaranteed. But if Trump does pull it off, he will rightly be accorded huge credit. And nothing that Reid or her fellow members of the liberal media say will prevent it.

Question: in her heart of hearts, is Reid rooting for a successful summit that could remove the threat of war and ultimately lead to peace and prosperity for the millions suffering in Kim’s gulag of a country? Or would Reid, out of her hatred of Trump, prefer failure?

Joy Reid Desperate to Deny Trump Credit if Korean Summit a Success
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