If Scott Pruitt is scaring deep state environmentalist wackos at the EPA, he must be doing something right . . .

Remember Brian Karem, the reporter who harangued Sarah Huckabee Sanders last year over her criticism of CNN? What better way to win CNN’s heart, and sure enough, there was Karem on “New Day” this morning.

Karem waxed apoplectic over Scott Pruitt and what he described as the Trump administration’s agenda “to tear down protections, it’s to destroy regulations, it’s to tear down the federal government.”

Added Karem:

“There are people in the EPA I’ve known for years who are disgusted and scared as to what’s happening.”

Karem also described Pruitt as “loathsome” and “the most corrupt individual ever to be in government office.”

If instead of working to reduce burdensome government regulation, Pruitt were implementing Hillary Clinton’s plan to put lots of coal companies and coal miners out of business, do you think CNN would be devoting such attention to his reported missteps?

Note: check the screencap. Despite his animated attack on Pruitt and the Trump admin, Karem appears to have had a soporific effect on Chris Cillizza.

“Playboy” Reporter on CNN: “Loathsome” Scott Pruitt Scaring Long-time EPA Bureaucrats
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