You say presidential “stain,” we say “Bill Clinton and the blue dress . . . ”

When Morning Joe opened today with emotional tributes on the anniversary of D-Day and the assassination of RFK, you just knew they would work in a shot at President Trump. And sure enough, a few minutes along, there was Mike Barnicle to declare:

“The president’s behavior yesterday, with his forced patriotism, on a day like this when we’re talking about D-Day, when we’re talking about what happened in 1968, seems almost like a stain on the day.”

Mika Brzezinski seconded Barnicle’s blather: “we’re going to try really hard–I agree with you, Mike–not to make it a stain on the day.”

Note: Mika mentioned that Tom “Greatest Generation” Brokaw would be appearing later in the show. It thus seems that Brokaw, as far as NBC is concerned, has survived the sexual harassment allegations against him.

Note segundoAt least in the opening half-hour, one thing that was not mentioned in the discussion of RFK’s assassination–the identity of the assassin, Sirhan B. Sirhan, a Palestinian who admitted that he killed RFK over his support for Israel.

Barnicle: Trump a “Stain” on D-Day, RFK Anniversaries
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